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Topic: newbie question - 70s disko sounds

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    newbie question - 70s disko sounds

    hi people,

    someone pointed me to the garritan orchestra library - i\'m producing housemusic and would like to creat authentic sounding 70s strings + brass (trumpets).

    could someone tell me
    #1 is the garritan library the right stuff for that
    #2 can someone help me on how to emulate the playing techniques - i tried like mad getting it sound like that but never succeeded.
    please tell me the basics how to get that typical \"70s porn ensembles\" + brass [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    i upped a snippet so that u hear what i mean:
    Ten percents (strings + brass)

    please help [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] thanks

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    Re: newbie question - 70s disko sounds

    Two cents from a hobbyist. The octave stacked melodies of disco strings can usually be managed with any string library, as long as you have a few patches without thick vibrato. The trouble here is usually the slides, falls, and slurs (I don\'t think GPO has these fx in the string patches) and it takes some effort to get them to sound OK by programming. So in this area, I think GPO will be as good a choice as any.

    As for brass, this is harder. Pop stabs and falls in brass are hard to make sound right in sequencing unless the samples of the real thing are available. I haven\'t spent a long time in GPO brass, so I don\'t know if these fx are there, but I don\'t think they are. My experience with this is, a stock orchestral brass section has to be tweaked by hand (sample programming) to get closer to the kind of response that pop music employs.

    The flipside of that is, a pop-oriented brass section is gonna suck at orchestral applications. GPO is more about enabling orchestral music than pop, so it is slanted in that direction. Makes sense to me.

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    Re: newbie question - 70s disko sounds


    For strings, I agree with Steve here that many of the Orchestral libraries could pull it off. You\'ll probably want smaller ensembles though and not the 20 violins sections. The falls are difficult to program and do not sound realistic if you try use pitch bend.

    I don\'t know if GPO has these fx or not. The Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings library has small 8-violins sections which has these disco strings falls fx. Some of the newer libraries may have more to offer at the same price but you would have to go through the articulation lists to determine if they had enough of those types of fx.

    The brass will be harder to pull off with standard orchestral libraries. These libraries were not recorded and sampled with pop and disco in mind. My recommendation would be to go with Quantum Leap Brass for that. On the flip side, QL Brass will not be as useful for orchestral stuff.


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    Re: newbie question - 70s disko sounds

    For strings, I would say Smart Violines could do this the best, or VSL strings which can do pretty much anything.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: newbie question - 70s disko sounds

    Pardon me all, but I believe what this person needs is a library called \"Downtown Strings\" and it\'s companion \"Downtown Orchestra\" both available from Big Fish. Also, I think the old \"Quantum Leap Brass\" collection (which is much more affordable now)has the hard pop brass he\'s looking for.

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