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Topic: iBook and GPO

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    iBook and GPO

    The new GPO is on the top of my list for orchestral sample sounds.

    Before my purchase, I am doing some in-depth research to see if I can effectively use GPO with my current Mac iBook computer (600mhz, 640mb RAM)and Logic Gold 6.

    Has anyone used GPO with a 600mhz MAC computer with at least 512mb of RAM and the Logic Platinum/Gold sequencer? What were your findings? Since Logic 6 includes the \"freeze\" option (for freeing up CPU power), does this significantly help in a situation whereby the computer\'s CPU speed is only 600mhz?

    If there\'s a problem, then I guess I\'ll have to use the current computer for MIDI and try for a newer, faster one.

    Also, does anyone use an EXTERNAL HD (80gb or 120gb) with GPO? Do you install your sequencer program on the computer HD and then put GPO on the HD along with music files or what?

    Regards, John Cannon

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    Re: iBook and GPO

    I\'m in the same condition (but with a 900 MHz [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ). For the RAM they told me that you can arrive to use a little orhestra without problem, but for the cpu I don\'t know. I\'m waiting for mine (I hope it will arrive this week) and I\'ll tell you how it works (I\'m using cubase but I don\'t think this will make the difference).

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    Re: iBook and GPO

    ok, I received it yesterday and I have to told you that with 8 instrument loaded and the cubase reverber on I was just at my CPU limit [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] , so probably you will have to use a lot the freezing function of Logic!
    About the sounds, they are really incredible. I used the stirng quartet and very very good!!!

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    Re: iBook and GPO

    I\'m curious if you\'re using the dry patches crr? I\'m quite likely getting one of the slow iBooks this week. I don\'t have any great expectations for it to do music work, but I am curious how the on board sound is, the CPU, etc.

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