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Topic: Breath control ...

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    Breath control ...

    Anyone know how to apply breath control instead of the mod wheel on GPO. I would much rather use BC to actually play the sounds live and be able to articulate the sounds this way rather than Mod Wheel. Thanks in advance! By the way, I\'m in the middle of several sound design projects for several VSTi companies at the moment, but with what I\'ve tried out thus far, I think GPO is a winner. At first I was just listening to bare sounds and comparing them to some of my larger liabraries such as Sam Horns/Bones...but it wasn\'t until I started to make some ensembles that I finally began to understand and appreciate what Gary and his team has designed. It is in these ensembles that you will get a \"playabillity\" and richness, that you can\'t get by sampling the \"whole\" However, there are benefits sampling the \"whole\" as well that you might miss out on otherwise. It will be a nice suppliment to my larger liabraries, and I\'m sure I will use it quite alot when i get the time...

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    Re: Breath control ...

    How to apply breath control instead of mod wheel depends on your system/sequencer/etc..

    GPO is a godsend for me, because I play many of the string/woodwind/brass parts on my WX5, and all it takes is a simple real-time remapping of my WX5\'s cc2(breath) output to cc1, before it goes to GPO, to accomplish the trick. Playing a wind part on a wind controller ensures a level of realism that a keyboardist with his hand on a mod wheel won\'t achieve ...

    Look around in your sequencer to find your \'cc remapper\'.

    Getting the GPO Kontakt player itself to respond to cc2 instead of cc1 is something I haven\'t tried. Hmmmmm ... That would be too obvious and simple. I\'ll go poke around and see if it\'s switchable, though I suspect not.


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    Re: Breath control ...

    You need something to translate from CC2 to CC1. I used to have a little MIDI plugin box that you would put between the keyboard and MIDI module that could change to different controllers. Not sure if anything like this is still available.

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    Re: Breath control ...

    Hi guys, thanks for the responses! Actually, I guess what I should have stated more clearly was that I would like to apply breath control in the Kontact player directly, not having to mess with changes through a sequencing app. I agree using BC IS so much better and gives much better results than a mod wheel ever will. Maybe this is not possible yet, if not then maybe Gary and Tom will make this feature available in the next revision. It only seems natural to me to be able to play a brass or woodwind instrument using BC. I use it all the time with my Yamaha VL and Korg Oasys, and they both sound incredible because of it. Thanks again...maybe when Gary or Tom gets a chance they could say for sure if this is possible . Thanks!

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    Re: Breath control ...

    Yes, Gary or Team

    Could there be a future development for a breath Controller?, A library that is programmed to work with this type of function appeals to me.

    I would be interested to get some insight from the team.


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    Re: Breath control ...

    I think adding a switchable cc1 OR cc2 volume control to the Kontakt player is a good idea, I\'ll raise this with Gary as a suggested improvement for the future.

    In the meantime, there is a nifty app called Bidule (www.plogue.com , free for now) that is capable of remapping. I think it\'s PC and Mac capable, it\'s also a VST host.


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    Re: Breath control ...

    I\'m curious.

    How do you guys who use a breath controller go about it? Do you play the notes in then do the breath control on another pass, or do you have one hand on the keys and another on the controller and do it all at once?


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    Re: Breath control ...

    I\'m using the full Kontakt app for GPO, which allows me to change the programming of the patch to use CC2 instead of CC1 on the patches. Basically I edit each patch and create a breath version by changing every instance of cc1 to cc2.
    This can be tedious for some patches with many layers and filters controlled by cc2, but in general is not hard to do, and is much easier than gigasampler editing. They did not add breath controller versions of the patches because the target GPO market tends not to have them.

    The way I use breath control is to play it all on the first pass.. controlling attack intensity with the keyboard velocity, sustain/swell with breath and legato with the pedal. I\'ve gotten pretty used to it. I also like to add a vibrato control on the mod wheel(I program my own kontakt lfo control), although usually I will add this in Sonar after playing.

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    Re: Breath control ...

    Because of the way expressive features have been programmed into GPO, you\'d almost think GPO was designed for the wind controller player. Just that minor cc1 to cc2 conversion away, however you accomplish it. I\'m in heaven with my Yamaha WX-5.


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    Re: Breath control ...

    Originally posted by Duncan Brinsmead:
    Basically I edit each patch and create a breath version by changing every instance of cc1 to cc2.
    This can be tedious for some patches with many layers and filters controlled by cc2, but in general is not hard to do, and is much easier than gigasampler editing.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Actually, in Giga, you just select all the dimensions, regions, and layers...and it\'s a single click. Doesn\'t get much easier than that.

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