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Topic: GPO crash on osx

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    GPO crash on osx


    i just received gpo today and decided to do some sound auditioning and get an idea of what GPO is capable of.

    i noticed that if i use any instance of flute V (dry, wet, or in multi woodwind 1 and 2) and use the sustain pedal it crashes GPO. this happens in standalone or as a vst or au plug in. anyone else experience this?

    i thought the installer may have written the file incorrectly so i tried to manual rewrite over the flute v patch with the patch available on the gpo install disk 1 (i just tried the wet) and this did not make a difference it still crashed.

    i am hoping someone else will experiment. this does not happen with any other instances of the instruments thus far (flute NV works fine)

    also, when using the standalone version earlier today, it would not quit when i wanted to quit. the knotakt player went bye-bye but personal orchestra stayed active on the menu bar and in the dock. i tried multiple quits but in the end i just had to force quit. no big deal, just wierd.

    other than that this library is a poor students miracle...thanks gary, i\'m sure any small kinks will work themselves out over the next couple of months. this is the best $250 i ever spent.

    PS great manual gary, i think i\'m going to read it twice you did it so good.... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    I too have experienced this. I\'m running GPO in SONAR under XP. The Solo Flute V instrument(both Wet and Dry) crashed the DXI plug-in and the VST plug-in, but only when the sustain pedal was engaged. I have also experienced the same thing with the Trumpet Overlay instrument. So far no other instruments have caused this. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon. A minor(temporary) inconvenience I\'m sure. I haven\'t used the standalone version, so I don\'t know about your other question.

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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    I had the same problem, and reported it to Garry. He has passed it on to NI and this is now a known issue. Garry told me that they\'re working to fix this.

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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    i feel better now. it stinks when you are the only one with the problem...it becomes next to impossible to pinpoint. thanks for making me feel better. off to learn more about GPO.

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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    i have found quite a few of the offending sustain crash patches. i am currently auditioning all of thbe sounds one at a time to weed out the offending ones and report the entire list to gary.

    as soon as i have a finished list. (probably tomm.) i will post the entire effected group of patches.

    maybe some others can then test to see if it is a bug that effects most to all of the users or just a few of us.

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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    bed (?)

    What precise version of OSX are you on? Are you running standalone, or as a plugin when this happens? If as a plugin, which host on the Mac? This kind of information will also be helpful in pinning down the problem(s). Your list will be very helpful, too. If you email it directly to gary@harps.com, it will get a thorough going over and independent check by the beta team.


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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    trond hows it going.

    i am running 10.2.8 on a 1ghz tibook with i gig of ram. it crashes as a standalone, au or vst. i use the library in all of these situations so i have tested in all.

    i am in communication with gary via email and true to form he is on top of the problem. ni has found the bug and is working on a fix as we speak. i am still auditioning sounds to make sure my list and gary\'s match up. i will post sometime tomm. after i email gary.

    once again top notch customer service from the garritan team.
    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    Great to hear this is definitely on track.


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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    here is what i found so far. i posted this email to gary in case i found any he did not know about. if anyone else finds anything do the same. like i said this is the email i sent gary.


    i have auditioned almost all of the patches and here are the ones that crash the system. some we have in common a couple are new and i also found one unique new problem.

    the samples that crash gpo are:

    Flute V
    Trumpet Overlay
    French Horn Mute Ens 2
    French Horn Mute Ens 3
    TPT 1 Ens 3
    TPT 2 Ens 1
    TPT 2 ENS 2
    TPT 3 Ens 3

    and i have found one unique problem, when you press the sustain pedal on the Oboe D\' Amore Solo no sound comes out. i am sure this should have activated legato like all of the other patches but instead this happens.

    i still have not auditioned all of the solo strings yet.

    Do you have any idea how long it will take NI to rectify this problem?
    Will you post news of the fix on your forum or website, or is it up to us to keep checking NI\'s site?
    Thanks for your prompt response and i\'m sure the little kinks will be ironed out soon. i have been having a blast so far with gpo, even with these very minor inconveniences.

    mark walker

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    Re: GPO crash on osx

    I\'m using the solo string and till now I didn\'t find any problem, I\'ll check your list.

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