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Topic: Some more help, please

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    Some more help, please

    I have spent the last few hours trying to get this altogther. I guess my problem is trying to get Cubasis and GPO-Kontakt to work together.

    I reinstalled the part of GPO that allows it to work as a VST plug in. That seems to have worked alright, for I see \"PersonalorchestraVST\" as an option under VST instruments when one clicks on the menu heading \"panels\" in Cubasis and then clicks on \"VST instruments.\"

    I also dragged and dropped the ambience.dll into VST pluggins withing Cubasis. No, the read-me file does not mention how to install the ambience.dll plugin. At least that was Haydn (the forum user, not the composer) told me [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Please note that the instructions that dnortana gave, but our friend dnortana instructed us to put it in the file ..../audio/companents. But I don\'t know what file (the dots .....) mean for me to look. Also, Haydn instructed to \"scan for plug-ins\" How does one scan???

    But nevermind the ambience thing. My problem is getting GPO-Kontakt to be used in Cubasis.

    It is easy to create a midi file in Finale. It is easy to import that file into Cubasis. And I can play that file back in cubasis by just clickinig on the play button on the little radio panel. But all I get are the midi sounds.

    How do I get Cubasis to use the GPO sounds?

    I tried clicking on \"panels,\" clicking on VST instruments, getting the floating menu, clicking on the top panel and checking Personalorchestravst, then clicking on edit to get the kontakt program and then loading the instruments in. But how to I get playback to use the VST instruments.

    I may be close to the answer, I may be far away, but honestly I would not have a clue. I have did all that I have done so far with what little computer common sense that I have.... let\'s face it, there is nothing in any of the help menus to really explain how to work these programs together.

    Thanks for your help.

    David [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Some more help, please

    In Cubasis, open the Virtual Instruments menu. There is a pulldown menu for each slot. You should see all the VST instruments in the dropdown list: Neon, LM-9, etc. You should see GPO. Highlight GPO and its name should go in the slot. Then click the Edit button. The Kontakt Player interface will open and then you can proceed to load your GPO sounds and set the right midi channels for each instrument. Then go to one of your midi tracks and click on it. On the left side of Cubasis you will seen info on that track. Set your midi output assignment to GPO and the midi channel you have assigned in GOP for the instrument. You should hear the sound on playback.

    ADVICE: Print out the Cubasis PDF file or at least chapters of it to learn the interface. It takes time.

    Good luck.

    Fred Grittner

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    Re: Some more help, please

    Thanks, I got it work together.

    Now I just need to get that Ambience thing to work. I did drag it into the VST pluggin, but I think I need to do something else to install it. Restart my computer?

    And once it is installed, how does one access it and designate the settings?


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    Re: Some more help, please

    Ambience: place it in the VST plugin folder inside the Steinberg folder. Go to the instrument mixer and use it on an insert or a send.

    Again, read the Cubasis manual!

    Fred Grittner

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