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Topic: some more short snippets for advice

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    some more short snippets for advice

    I still can\'t load the woodwinds, but I\'m continueing my practice. If I\'m making continuous mistakes, they\'ll probably be apparent in these tunes as well. I seem to have a bad habbit of emphasizing the high strings too much. I thing I\'m getting a bit better at build ups, but not so much break down. Also, I\'m curious to know if I\'m doing things in a strange register.


    As a question, how would I make an instrument fade in from 0 volume? CC1 at 0 doesn\'t seem to be total silence. So perhaps I should use expression control?

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    Re: some more short snippets for advice

    Downloaded all the three parts.
    It\'s a very nice music. I agree that the violins are emphasized \"a little bit\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    I\'m a hobbyist and my ears are not fine instruments, but is it a phasing I hear at the end of gpotest4 ? Or is it just me? There also seems to be a similar effect around 00:19-00:23 in gpotest2, affecting mainly the left channel - violins again. But perhaps it\'s just the mp3 compression... Could you please post versions with higher bitrate? Like 192?
    BTW, I really love the gpotest2 piece. Don\'t forget to post the updated version!
    Thanks for posting these demos! Keep \'em coming! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Gotta go to work, will listen to it again when I come back.

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