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Topic: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

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    GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    Just got my GPO, so far so good. I don\'t understand the midi data packets thing for the harp glissandi. Where do you find these packets? I\'m confused.

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    when did you order your GPO?

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    I Ordered it about a day after they released the first demos as far as I can remember

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    i am a new user and i am also confused by this if one of the experienced could explain this to us i would be much obliged

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    anybody? power users?

    thanks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    The glissando harp instruments map notes to the white keys of the keyboard. They are designed to be used with MIDI data packets to control the specific mapping of the keyboard. These packets control switches that change mapping assignments and emulate the pedal positions of the harp. This approach was introduced in Gary\'s GigaHarp library (and originally programmed for Giga by Dave Govett). The GPO library includes a MIDI data file that contains a library of MIDI packets covering a wide range of scale and chord types in all keys. I strongly recommend that the library of MIDI data packets be organized into an easy-to-access group as part of the user\'s sequencer default song file. I\'ve organized mine by key (C, C#, D, D#, E, etc.) and symmetrical scales (whole tone, diminished, augmented). Each key is placed on a separate sequencer track with all variations for a given key laid out horizontally on that track. The library tracks are always left muted because the packets are there for copying purposes only. If your sequencer allows it, place them in a folder for clarity. The packets are easy to use - just copy the packet for a particular chord/scale to a secondary track set to the same MIDI channel as the harp. Place each packet slightly in advance of the position of the desired scale or chord change. So, there are two tracks that share the same MIDI channel: the harp part is recorded to the harp track and the MIDI packets are placed as needed in the second track. Glissandi played from the keyboard will change chord/scale automatically at the packet position when the sequencer is in play/record. The white keys of the keyboard can be “strummed” to achieve realistic glissandi. Of course, all note data, packet choices, and packet positions can be edited after the fact if desired.


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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi


    what disk are these midi packets on in GPO.

    i cannot seem to find them.

    are they suppossed to be installed? i did a search and could not find them.

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    I too have no idea where to find these midi packets. I sounds like a cool feature. I sure would like to try it out.

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    Same here!

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    Re: GPO midi data packets for harp glissandi

    The MIDI harp packets were inadvertently omitted from the NI harp folder when the player was compiled.

    You can download them here:

    The harp packets allow the white keys of the keyboard to emulate the open and stopped strings on the harp with with various harp pedal positions. Running you finger up and down the keyboard will be like running your finger up and down the strings of a harp. Please follow Tom\'s instructions above for applying the Glissando Packet.

    These packets will only work with the GPO Glissando Harp 1 (the Venus Concert Harp) and Glissando Harp 2 (the Wurlitzer Concert Harp).

    For those who use Logic, here is a link for the Logic file containing the organization of the packet library:


    Let us know if you have any other questions about the harp glissando files.

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