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Topic: Real time tempo control for GPO (OT?)

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    Real time tempo control for GPO (OT?)

    This may be somewhat OT but I would like to know the best way(s) to add real time tempo control, via foot pedal or mod wheel, to sequence playblack of midi-driven GPO. Please forgive if this is an obvious midi question as I am no midi expert and spent a few hours last night searching for solutions on the net but could not fine anything definitive. The Edirol PCR30 controller seems to have some tempo control capabilities but I cannot tell if they can be used to control tempo playback with any of the playback utilities provided with GPO.


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    Re: Real time tempo control for GPO (OT?)

    I probably didn\'t describe what I wanted to do clearly enough. Ideally, I would like to pull midi orchestral scores off the net and play them back throug a midi sequencer. However, while playing them back I want to be able to control the tempo of the playback with a slider or foot pedal. So - the sequencer will need to have some kind of sync/tempo input and the slider/foot pedal will need to output some form of control stream that the sequencer can interpret to use to set its tempo. The catch here is that I would like not to spend a whole lot of money. Ideally, I\'d like to plug an expression pedal into a midi controller like an Oxygen 8 or and Edirol PCR30 and \"magically\" have the sequencer change its tempo in response to pedal position. So the two questions are:
    1) Are there any relatively inexpensive sequencers that will except an easiliy gereated input to allow control of their tempo/BPM?
    2) Are there any relatively inexpensive midi controllers that will accept a slider or continuous foot pedal and produce an output that is intelligible by the aforementioned sequencer?

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: Real time tempo control for GPO (OT?)

    the tempo is controlled by your sequencer. Check your sequencer\'s manual. Should be a breeze. :-)

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