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Topic: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

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    Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    The more I use GPO the more I like it. But I\'m unable to make GPO respond to volume changes through Sonar. I wanted to do a fade in the midi domain. Giga does it nicely. If I try to automate volume changes with GPO I can see the knob on the player move but there is no audible volume change heard. Any suggestions? Or have I stumbled upon a bug?

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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    I control volume via modulation instead of automation... I found that is quicker than programming the automation, but I don\'t have Sonar, I have Cubase, I don\'t know which would be easier for you...


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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar


    If you already know this, then please ignore this post. :-)

    Otherwise, recall from reading the manual that the GPO instruments were designed to respond in real time to volume through the cc1 controller (mod wheel, modulation in many applications). In GPO, cc1 was also designed to affect the timbre of the instrument in a realistic way (this, in place of many RAM-hogging sample layers). So, you want to be sure to use cc1 liberally for enhanced realism in your work with GPO. I think of this cc1 volume control \'note volume\'.

    Overall instrument volume can still be controlled through the volume knob on the Kontakt Player - usually you\'d use the \'knob\' to balance out your orchestra. You can select the option in the Kontakt Player to have the knobs respond to cc7 (volume) and cc10 (pan) in the traditional sense. If you have turned on the \'volume/pan, or cc7/cc10 switch\' in the Kontakt player\'s options, then you should hear a volume change in response to your automation of those parameters. I think fo this cc7 volume control as \'instrument volume\'.

    It wasn\'t entirely clear to me from your post what your intent was - to fade \'note volume\', or \'instrument volume\' - I just thought I\'d try to clarify the GPO design in this regard - since this feature is new to many users, apparently.


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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    I\'ve Tried enabling things in the options but Sonar doesn\'t communicate with it when I create a midi volume envelope. I guess I\'ll be able to work around it. I just find the Kontakt player a bit limiting. Giga works well with midi envelopes in Sonar as well as VSampler, but no go with Kontakt. I also wish there were a way to transpose the range the samples are in since I have a smaller keyboard. I\'m always having to record lines and then transpose them.

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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    Hi Cody,

    Many keyboards have an octave transpose control somewhere. Maybe yours? Or, maybe Sonar has a midi module feature you could enable between your keyboard output and Sonar Track to automatically transpose up or down as you prefer. Just a couple of ideas ....


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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    Hey thanks for the tip on the sequencer transpose function. I had forgotten all about that and it does work like a charm. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    I just tried for the first time the use of the standard cc7/cc10 option (in the player\'s options menu) - I got the same result as you. The knobs turned in response to the automation, but there was no effect at all on the sound output.

    I just reported this to NI. Would you kindly send details of your specific problem to Gary@harps.com, with the title \"GPO Problem Report\", and it, too, will go to NI so they can debug their player.

    Here\'s an example of the information needed in the report(my particulars in this case):

    Mac Dual Gig Quicksilver G4
    1.5 GB RAM
    OS 10.3.1
    Digital Performer 4.11
    Kontakt Player as AU plugin

    Description: When the option is selected to use cc7/cc10 in the standard way, the player\'s knobs move in response to the automation data, but the audio itself is unaffected. In other words, cc7/cc10 response seems to be broken in the player.


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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    Easy Work Around: Simply remove and then reload the Kontakt Player.

    I had the same problem at first, went into the Kontakt Player OPTIONS (underneath LOAD) and selected \"use ... cc #7/cc #10 ...\" . But the player did not respond to the midi cc #7 data.

    Well, the next time I loaded up the Kontakt Player - it DID respond to midi cc #7 data - and I couldn\'t turn it off!

    Now, I have to select which option that I want, then remove the Kontakt Player from my host (Muzys) synth rack and the reinsert it. Then it responds to my last selection.

    Anyone else?


    PS I\'m finding my 800 Mhz, 384 Mbytes, Windows ME system adequate for loading 8-10 solo instruments. I plan, and even prefer, to bounce one track at a time anyway.

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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar

    Originally posted by dnortana:
    If you have turned on the \'volume/pan, or cc7/cc10 switch\' in the Kontakt player\'s options, then you should hear a volume change in response to your automation of those parameters.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Exactly how do you do this in the Kontakt Player? I am having the same problem with trying to control volume. It seems I can control the volume knob from Cubase, but it has no effect. Yet if I move the knob with my mouse in the player itself, it works! Will this be fixed in future versions?

    I am aware of using the Mod control to mix volume, but for instruments like the GPO timpani, the mod-wheel has no effect. It would sure be nice to choke down the ringing of the timpani prgrammatically.

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    Re: Help w-Volume control w-GPO and Sonar


    Thanks for the tip. This makes me remember that the full Kontakt comes up with a message in response to changed settings - something along the line \'...will become effective after relaunch....\'

    I had forgotten this. Maybe all we\'re missing in the Kontakt Player itself is the message, so we are aware what\'s going on.


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