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Topic: Where do I report a Bug?

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    Where do I report a Bug?

    First of all I have to say that GPO is GREAT!!! I keep discovering amazing sounds. Try ensembling Gagli violins 1,2&3, pan each one for a full sound. Beautiful intimate violin section! GREAT PRODUCT!!!

    Bug. . .I think. If I load Solo flute V and try to use the sustain pedal for legato mode it immediately crashes my Sonar 3. All the other flutes seem to work fine.

    I\'m sure that with the rush of getting this thing out there will be bugs to iron out. But I\'m sure glad that I have my copy, and I\'m sure bug fixes will be forthcoming.

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    Re: Where do I report a Bug?

    Hi Cody,

    The \'solo flute V crashing bug\' is a known one and the fix for this - and others - is \'imminent\' (whatever that means :-). NI is working on an update as we speak.

    Send any problem/bug reports to gary@harps.com, with the subject \"GPO Problem Report\". Be precisely descriptive, include details of your computer and operating system ...


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