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Topic: GPO and direct streaming

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    GPO and direct streaming

    I\'m using GPO with a Pentium 4 with 2.4 gig and 768 RAM. With this set up I\'m not able to load the large Steinway sample in GPO in a stable way, even though there\'s definitely enough free RAM on the system. Not much extra... I\'d be interested in anybody\'s thoughts or experiences here. (I\'ve been using the lite, with the idea of hopefully doing the final rendering with the larger sample).I could just get more RAM but if I got Kontakt and could do direct streaming would that help or is this apples and oranges in terms of the way the GPO samples are loaded? It\'s tough because this piano is the first one that ever floated my boat sound-wise and I want to play it all the time! Any input greatly appreciated. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO and direct streaming

    Hey Gizmo,

    What kind of RAM do you have, I have a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz w/ 768 MB of RDRAM PC1066 and I am able to run the full Steinway and some solo violins without any problem...

    Make sure you shut-down any background operations that might be slowing things down, also, make sure you have the latest drivers for you ASIO soundcard (hopefully you\'re not stuck on a SoundBlaster...)


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    Re: GPO and direct streaming

    Hey Alan--

    My RAM is RIMM. I\'ve never had any issues before RAM-wise which is why I\'m snooping around. I\'ve got most XP background stuff off and have done lots of audio-related tweaks. I can load huge giga-files in sfz+ and do lots of different orchestral instruments with GPO but the Steinway is an issue. It seems to be getting better though as I tweak things so I\'m hopeful. I\'ve got a MIA which I love and I\'ll check on drivers. I think something\'s eating RAM but can\'t figure out what yet. Need to save for a DAW!
    Thanks for your reply!
    Anybody care to comment about GPO and dfd in Kontakt?

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    Re: GPO and direct streaming

    \"... I\'ve got a MIA which I love and I\'ll check on drivers. I think something\'s eating RAM but can\'t figure out what yet...\"

    That could be a problem right there. I have basically a \'low budget\' setup and have a Mia installed but I find it has latency and other problems as a result of the virtual outputs. I tend not to route softsynth or samplers through it. For that I also have a Terratec EWX 24/96 installed and this card works great! Echo\'s latest drivers are not so great if you use ASIO on your Mia. The Terratec card is being replaced, so you could probably pick one up for cheap. The latest drivers for it are very good.

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    Re: GPO and direct streaming

    There\'s another thread around here somewhere - on the main board? - about problems with the MIA, I think Bruce Richardson started it ... so, there are others with problems, maybe one or more of them could help you out.


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    Re: GPO and direct streaming

    Thanks for replies! Did more RAM research, its RDRAM, but MIA as culprit! Gak! Still, I\'ll check out the other thread and the Terratec: have never read a bad review of that card.

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