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Topic: New GPO User Demo

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    New GPO User Demo

    An offering to the wolves. This is the first part of what will eventually be a longer piece. I\'ve had a little time to spend with GPO and gotta tell you I\'m loving every second of it.


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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    Your woodwind players have enourmous lungs. Without pauses for breath, the woodwind phrases have an organ/accordian like quality.

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    An astute comment, but also an interesting one because it begs a question:

    Do we need to try for absolute realism in our pieces? Is that the purpose of an orchestral library -- or should we consider the sampler and its voices to be an instrument itself, to be played however the mood strikes us?

    I\'m not sure I care about realism. Should I? This could be a fault or a virtue -- I don\'t know. But I think it\'s a question worth pondering.

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    I do not want to be rude,
    but so far this would not make me want to rush and purchase GPO :
    the pizzicati sound very mechanical, quantized, and, as it was said, the woodwind phrases seem rather artificial and synthy.
    I hope you update this and come back with something more convincing.

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    LOL. I must have a steady hand. There\'s not a quantized note here. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    I would agree with the breath comment - but the quantized comment is a little harsh. Overall a very pleasant peice. Sound quality of the MP3 was a little harsh (hissy) on my machine - maybe that was what drove the harsh comment

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    I can\'t get to the file - can you put it somewhere where I can fetch it and give a listen?

    Also, there are plenty of woodwind players that can use circular breathing in a live performance setting - at least 3... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Can\'t wait to hear it.

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    Link should work okay now. Or right click to download.

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    Thanks for the demo, Rob. I think the winds sound perfectly nice. Maybe the \"accordion\" sound that people are commenting on has to do with the grace note onset in the solo clarinet near the beginning of the piece...it has something of an accordion-ish character to it. Doesn\'t really bother me.

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    Re: New GPO User Demo

    Hi robgb, I must admit that I agree with most people that I found the articulation of the wind players little odd. But if you want to have it this way, then just do that - you\'re the composer. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Anyway, nice piece.

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