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Topic: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

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    Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    I tried to do a dark song. Its a bit too muddled I\'m still experimenting.


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    Re: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    There\'s a ton of originality here! A wall of dark, active tension .... After posting the the first time (my wife was asleep, I had to listen at low volume) I listened again at normal volume. It is very good.

    The muddled sound you refer to comes from having so many competing lines concurrently, neither separated sufficiently by pitch/timbre(up and down) nor space (left/right and front/back). When faced with a \'too much at once\' or \'muddled\' dilemma, I find I can analyze my problem by thinking in terms of these three dimensions.

    I look for parts stacked or grouped at a particular set of these three pitch/space coordinates (X-Y-Z) and seek solutions for those points. Available tools I consider first are simplification (throw some lines away, always my toughest dilemma), volume, panning and EQ/Reverb. Anyway, just some thoughts if you want to deal with what you feel is muddled. You probably know all this, I have a strong hunch ...


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    Re: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    Wow, very good !
    Did you use only GOP to achieve this ?
    You seem to think there are a few things to finetune, so be my guest, but as for myself, I like it as it is, a good and inspiring job.

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    Re: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    OMG it sounds a little like one of schoenbergs
    tone row compositions ......

    I like it too [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    Yes, Sirbellog, this is all GPO [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (GOP, in the US, means Grand Old Party [Republicans]).

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    Re: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    AWESOME! On my PC speakers it sounds almost like Link is facing off against Ganondorf on top of Death Mountain or something. Someone get me my fairy bow!

    Provided 768MB of RAM is enough, I should definitely look into getting myself some GPO.

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    Re: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    Good... although the pitch-bending doesn\'t come off as well as you want it to. Also, maybe if you do the whole thing in a lower key you can avoid it sounding too synthesized.

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    Re: Another New GPO User Demo//brassy

    Sepretod, Are you talking about the pitch bend for the Hitchcock violin?

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