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Topic: Where is GPO reverb???

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    Where is GPO reverb???

    Have just received and installed GPO as a DXi plug-in in Sonar 3.

    I can get all the GPO instruments in Kontakt but there is no difference between Wet and Dry instruments - the Wet instruments have a Reverb knob but turning it has no effect.

    This is bad enough but I cannot access the Ambience reverb either. Where is it and how do I get it to work?

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    Originally posted by Poolman:
    I cannot access the Ambience reverb either. Where is it and how do I get it to work?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Poolman ,

    you will need to load that into an insert or send
    effect slot in your mixer .

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    The ambiance reverb is on the 4th Cd. You need to install it as a VST effect on your sequencer. Put it in your VST plug in folder. If you are new to sequencing, and yu are using the included Cubase - you will have to look to others for instructions for activating in cubase.

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    Read the manual.

    The wet instruments use NI internal reverb on the player. Check the knobs on the panel for each instrument and you\'ll see a reverb send control

    As is stated in the manual, the wet instruments use more processing power, as NI\'s reverb is processor intensive.

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    Sorry, chaps, but I need more help. I have no VST folder as Sonar uses DXi. I had already copied the Ambience .dll file from CD4 to both Sonar\'s main folder and DXi folder and Shared Plugins folder. Still Sonar does not pick it up. What now?

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    I don\'t use Sonar, but I\'m guessing you\'d need some sort of VST wrapper to get GPO to work. Otherwise, you can just choose from a plethora of directX reverbs out there.

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    Yes, you need to install the VST wrapper for Sonar 3 as mentioned above. Place the ambience.dll in the VST plugins folder. Also, I recommend installing the GPO VST version also as the DXi version of GPO (and Kontakt/Kompakt) have a nasty tempo change bug that screws up note lengths. After installing the plugins, then open on the VST Wrapper program and scan your plugins. Sonar should be closed when doing this. After the VST Wrapper has found the plugins, close it and then startup Sonar. The VST plugins will now be available.

    I would recommend using the Lexicon reverb that comes with Sonar 3 in place of Ambience as it puts about 1/4 of a load on the CPU.

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    Sonar 3 includes the \"Cakewalk VST Adapter.\" You\'ll need to install that from the CD if you haven\'t already. Once you get that up and running, you should be able to use that plugin.

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    Re: Where is GPO reverb???

    Thanks, Haydn. Yours was the only reply that actually told me what to do. Have now got Ambience available within Sonar -have\'nt tried it yet.

    I am taking on board the advice re CPU usage, and will certainly compare different reverbs. But I didn\'t see why I should have paid for a package and not get all that was advertised!

    The reverb still doesn\'t work on Wet instruments even when I turn the knob (Yes, I have read the manual) so it seems pointless to have two lots of identical instruments taking up hard drive space ...

    Has anyone got the Wet reverb working? Is it any good?

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