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Topic: GPO and LITE strings

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    GPO and LITE strings

    GPO sounds great, but the only reason stopping me from buying it is the fact that I already own the LITE strings, and it doesnt seem that I can use them simultaneously with GPO since the Kontakt player doesnt have disk streaming and wont play gig files.

    I wonder if there is anyone else on the same boat, and if they have any suggestions. I really like the LITE strings, and I also feel they sound better and have more articulations than the GPO strings (I may be terribly wrong here, if so I would order GPO).

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    Re: GPO and LITE strings

    Just going by many of the GPO demos, one can hear that there are many great things in the GPO library. As a Giga user myself, I think you might want to invest in a full version of Kontakt and the GPO, you can import your GOS lite into it, and Gary is working on a version of the Lite Strings which will be programmed in Kontakt to take full advantage of Kontakt\'s better controller functions over Giga. Giga has had it\'s day, and I\'ve said it before on this forum, one would be wise to let it go and concentrate on the newer stuff as more and more sample developers are begining to move away from Giga, and this will hasten it\'s demise as Tascam does to Nemesys what Gibson did to Opcode. I wouldn\'t wait too long for a Giga 3.0, while Tascam does it\'s \'marketing study\'!

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    Re: GPO and LITE strings

    Is there any reason why one wouldn\'t be able to run Giga and GPO simultaneously, assuming one had multiple audio outputs (or virtual ones, like I have on my MIA)?

    Of course you can\'t use 1 GB for GPO and another GB for Giga in a 1.5 GB machine, but then again, if you use GOS-lite in Giga, you probably aren\'t loading any strings in GPO.

    So, can they run side-by-side?

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    Re: GPO and LITE strings

    I see no reason you can\'t run the Giga along with a Kontakt or GPO Player instance, provided you have enough ram onboard. Contrary to what some people have been saying here, GPO can only run on ram uless you have a Kontakt 1.5.1. I have run my Giga along side the Edirol HQ Orchestra, although the Edirol\'s memory requirements are small compared to GPO. It all depends how much you have up in Giga at one time, and how complex the Giga instruments are. If you use any of those \'ultimate\' libraries or some of the Dan Dean full versions, you probably won\'t make it unless you do alot of rendering of parts. This is the way I HAVE to work (and probably still will for some time!)on my old slow (in just two years??) 933mghz P-III with \'only\' 512 megs. I was going to get a new PC to run GPO and EW Silver, but I will have to get by for a long while! (I have been seduced into buying Sampletank 2 for my synth work!)

    If you do decide to dump your Giga and get yourself a copy of Kontakt 1.5.1, then you will find you can import your Giga instruments and porgram them to match the very great programming in GPO\'s Kontakt player, even play GPO directly from disk!

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    Re: GPO and LITE strings

    thanks much for all the seasoned advice.

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