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Topic: GPO alongside GigaStudio?

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    GPO alongside GigaStudio?

    I have a PC dedicated to Giga libraries (including GOS, of course!) and would like to keep my mac dedicated to sequencing and mixing rather than hosting large numbers of VSTi\'s. Will GPO run happily alongside Giga? I\'ve heard that Giga is not always happy to share soundcards. Is this a Giga issue or a soundcard issue?

    My PC is P4 2.6 with an RME pad8 Audio card connected by a light pipe to an RME Multiface on my mac (Dual 1.25). Any help would be most appreciated. (and compatibility would result in immediate purchase of GPO - particularly impressed with Mozart Clarinet Concerto and Dance of the SugarPlum Fairy demos)

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    Re: GPO alongside GigaStudio?

    I\'m using giga,gpo and sonar 3 all on a 1.4 mgh PC with 1 gig of ram. No problems really and I\'ve loaded lots of instruments on both. Sometimes I\'ll get clicking on playback if I set the latentcy settings too low on Sonar. It\'s easy to change so I set it low while laying down tracks for playability and then higher for mixdowns. Not bad for an older machine.

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