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Topic: Feature Idea for GPO

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    Re: Feature Idea for GPO

    Cody - Are you sure? I haven\'t used the Kontakt player yet, but I can\'t imagine that there is not a release control somewhere. This is basic to any sample player.

    And I agree, having control of release on legato lines makes all the difference when striving for realistic results.

    Maybe this is just a temporary \"bug?\"

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    Re: Feature Idea for GPO

    If you go to source there a + buttons under \"pre\" press the left one then envelopes, ahdsr...and there you got the ADSR funtions.
    Hope that help!

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    Re: Feature Idea for GPO

    I don\'t see any \"source\" reference on the GPO kontakt player. You must have the full Kontakt version

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    Feature Idea for GPO

    I keep finding wonderful things about GPO but I have one suggestion for a possible future update. I would love to see a \"release\" feature in some of the instruments. The way I program strings, legato mode still doesn\'t give me enough. I still hear on occasion (and on the demos too) a cut off and a swell between notes. On very slow passages this sounds fine. Fast runs sound fine too. But the in-between stuff sounds a bit fake. I think that if one of the knobs on the kontakt player allowed \"release\" time to be added to the notes, this could be overcome very easily. What do you think?

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