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Topic: GPO Multiple Instruments!! HELP!!

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    GPO Multiple Instruments!! HELP!!

    I am user Personal Orchestra as DXi plugin in Sonar3, Producer. How do I get multiple instruments to play simultaneously? Every time I load more than one instrument, I can only play the one in the first slot!! Clicking on slots 2 through 8 bring up the control panel but does not change the instrument sound!!

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    Re: GPO Multiple Instruments!! HELP!!

    I don\'t know about SONAR 3, but in SONAR 2.2 XL you just select the track you want to play OR record, and make sure your set to receive in midi omni mode. If there is a diffrent way to do it thats more efficinet or something, maybe, but it works for me all these years as a Cakewalk user.

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