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Topic: GOP, Sonar3, DXi v. VST - HELP!!

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    GOP, Sonar3, DXi v. VST - HELP!!

    Two questions:

    1. I will be using Sonar3 Producer as the host and installed Garritan as a DXi for Sonar. Should I also install Garritan as a stand alone and if so, will it cause any conflicts with Sonar?

    2. For Sonar3, Better to iuse GOP as DXi or VST?


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    Re: GOP, Sonar3, DXi v. VST - HELP!!

    It\'s my understanding that you are better off installing it as a VST and using the wrapper as there are bugs involving tempo changes causing stuck notes or something. It\'s my experience that NI doesn\'t seem to know how to properly write a DXi plug! I use my FM7 as a VSTi under a wrapper in SONAR 2.2 and it works better.

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    Re: GOP, Sonar3, DXi v. VST - HELP!!

    Thanks for the reply man. Now what do I do? Should I uninstall the DXiplugin prior to installing as VST? if so, how do I do that!!

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    Re: GOP, Sonar3, DXi v. VST - HELP!!

    it doesn\'t matter what order you install them in.

    However after you install the VST version, to get it to show up in SONAR you\'ll also have to scan your \"vstplugins\" folder with the Cakewalk VST Adapter which comes with SONAR Producer.

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    Re: GOP, Sonar3, DXi v. VST - HELP!!

    Gotcha!! Thanks!!

    I will install the VST and run the Sonar scan tonight after I get all my office work done.

    I just received my GPO yesterday and now I don\'t want to work - I just want to play with my GPO!

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    Re: GOP, Sonar3, DXi v. VST - HELP!!

    You can have the standalone, DXi and VST versions all installed at the same time. I have run into the tempo bug and let NI know about it 4-5 months ago. The VST version works fine.

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