Just read your note asking for feedback on bugs found in the Kontakt player.

I don\'t have the player, but I do have Kontakt and my guess is that a bug in one is probably in the other.

A while ago I ran into a bug in 1.2 which NI said they\'d fix, but not until after the release of 1.5. It affects patches which involve user scaled controllers, so it may be useful for you to be aware of.

Kontakt initialises patches with most controllers reset to zero level. That seems sensible until you want to do something like use a mod wheel for crossfading.

I set some Kontakt patches up with two instruments layered, using the mod wheel to crossfade one layer from 127 to zero level and the other from 0 to 127. When the patch loads, the layer which should be at full level is instead mute, (as is the layer which is supposed to be at zero level) - so the whole patch makes no sound. Once you move the controller Kontakt catches on and everything works fine.

A small bug, but a bit disturbing for someone who doesn\'t reach for the mod wheel when they get no sound.

The techs promised they\'d fix it once 1.5 was out the door.