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Topic: Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

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    Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

    Dear all,

    a group of composers in the "Delian Society" have created the Delian Suite #8, where each of them wrote a 1-minute movement themed music piece as a "letter to a personality of the past". This suite will be premiered sometime in 2015 by the Octavia Chamber Orchestra, but there will be a web premiere before that with individual "renditions". This is still work in progress, and the website currently is still incomplete. But due to the Ada Lovelace Day today (14.October 2014) I decided to share with you my composition for this, which I have devoted to Ada Lovelace.


    I hope you enjoy it!

    Many greetings,

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    Re: Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

    I confess. I did not know Lovelace at all. Now I know and enjoyed your music, which is brilliantly done.


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    Re: Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

    Thank you, Ted, for taking the time to listen!

    Many greetings,

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