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Topic: Is GPO coming to retailers?

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    Is GPO coming to retailers?

    I\'m hoping to purchase it here in Canada simply to avoid shipping, customs, brokerage fees etc.

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    Re: Is GPO coming to retailers?


    I\'m only about 30 miles south of you. We have sold many copies to folks in BC without any problems with shipping, customs, or brokerage fees.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Is GPO coming to retailers?

    Gary, thanks for the reply. I didn\'t know you were so close, it\'s tempting to drive down and purchase directly from you.

    Actually I\'ve had mixed experiences ordering from across the border, sometimes it\'s delivered no hassles, but sometimes I\'ll get a bill the following week from Fedex or UPS for taxes (expected) and brokerage fees.

    I don\'t mind supporting the local retailers so if you think they\'ll be getting it fairly soon I\'ll wait, if not I\'ll order it from your website.

    Thanks again.


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