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Topic: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

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    GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    I would like feedback as to the main playability differences between GPO and EWQLSO(silver/gold) from a newbie perspective. I believe both libraries are great, but I want to understand certain differences between them and whether or not it might make sense to buy both.

    I\'m not talking about the instrument differences or the ambience / sound differences between the two, as that has already been discussed on this forum. What I would like to know are differences between the two when it comes to sitting down to make music.

    Here are some questions I have:
    (1) Which approach is more easy for a newbie who is trying to learn about orchestration?

    (2) How difficult is it to just sit down and start playing the instruments in either library, without getting bogged down with selecting the right articulation, ect.?

    (3)Under what circumstances/uses would it make sense to own both GPO and EWQLSO (gold)?

    Sorry if the questions seem sophomoric, but I have very little experience with orchestra libraries and would like to tap into the knowledge of more experienced users.

    Thanks for your input

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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    GPO is designed with the intent to just sit down and get to the business of composing as opposed to those \'BIG\' libraries throwing all those variations and articulations at you, causing the \"what sample do I use next?\" quandry.

    I also think the demos show that for a wide range of orchestral music, you cand produce results that stand just fine on their own and don\'t need to be re-recorded by a \'big expensive\' library.

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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    I do hope that GPO (I did not received it and probably won\'t before early january 2004) will do what Nexus says : let me sit down and play or write music.
    Now, I have some hard time understanding this very harsh tone from you Nexus, towards \"big libraries\" as if they were some kind of evil or some kind of vice.
    There very probably is room for both kinds :
    - GPO being (IMO) a convenient good sounding tool to do things faster and with more ease (I suppose so, but I still have to really experience myself how steep is the learning curve of handling all those controllers...)
    - other \"big libraries\" being for fine tuning, or replacement of some less good built-in instruments, or simply for other experiences.
    Personnally, I can\'t wait to get my hands on my GPO box, but I also can easily consider purchasing, sooner or later, Silver, or even Gold, or maybe some of the Sam libraries....
    I have many friends who play guitar, and would be very unhappy with just one : they like the fender sound, but the gibson sound as well, etc... And they do not make exactly the same music with each, nor do they have the same inspiration.
    It may be just the same with orchestral libraries, with no need to put one kind as high as heaven, and the other kind as low as hell.

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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    I didn\'t perceive Nexus\' tone as harsh, rather as factual ...

    The articulation selection and loading process of the bigger libraries does get in the way of the music, I find. I have many bigger libraries - and they will continue to have their major role and usefulness in my studio - but with GPO I really do appreciate that I don\'t have to fuss around to find and load that missing articulation .. for the most part, with GPO if you have the instrument loaded, you\'re set to go. The creative flow is more direct, with fewer \'tangents\'.


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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    I\'m sorry if I sounded \'harsh\' about the \'BIG\' libraries, it\'s just that I\'ve been messing with this stuff for over 30 years (yeah, I\'m a doddering \'gray beard\') and I have seen way over priced (but still very nice)libraries of orchestral instruments suck up your money and then get outdated in a year or two. I believe GPO represents a paradigm shift, and at just $249.00 you could hardly go wrong, as I expect the udates for this library to be in line with it\'s current price. Others, like the VSL would have you shelling out huge sums over the next few years and just throw more confusing \'articulations\' at you.

    Now if I can just get GPO installed......!!

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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    i had the possibility to experience with samples and samplers in the past, and now i\'ve got GPO.
    i dont know EWQLSO, but basiacally GPO let you focus on music, and not on \"how to get the articulations\"...
    lately, i did a painstaking work to achieve smooth legato passage and the correct dynamic.
    now i just havo to press a pedal...

    you cannot \"tweak the sounds\" as you would do with a sampler (for example, i was used to set aftertouch , different kind of controllers for controlling attack, release, filter, vibrato, volume...) and this could be a drawback. but for a novice/beginner this is a strong advantage, since he just sit on his keyboard, play the notes, press the sus pedal and rotate the modwheel!

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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    I like GPO very much, but I do miss the having control over global attack and release times, even though GPO does have legato mode.

    I have not seen any posts from EWQLSO Silver users on playability, but there is a very nice new demo for Silver posted in the main forum today (Cartoon). Both GPO and Silver sounds pretty amazing for such a low cost.

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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.


    The programming choices made for GPO preclude the use of standard MIDI controlled attack envelopes. That’s because in GPO attack envelope speed is tied to velocity. It is very similar to having a specific assignable MIDI controller in that very low velocity values create slow envelopes which become faster with higher values. It differs at the highest velocities where a special “flex” envelope shapes increasingly exaggerated attacks for creating accents. This critical function could be assigned to another MIDI controller instead of velocity but it would be far less intuitive, while resolution and editing capabilities would remain the same. In the months to come I will supply a tutorial that demonstrates exactly how to take advantage of the GPO approach.

    On the subject of the release envelopes, there is a characteristic of the player that makes this feature difficult to implement. The only way a MIDI controller can be assigned is to set the default value to an unnaturally long release. This is because the MIDI controller in the player has a span of control restricted to an area from zero to the setting of the default – not beyond. An increased range of control would result in instruments that load with a basically unusable default value, something definitely not desirable for most users who want to work quickly.

    There is a workaround for those users, like yourself, who would like this control despite its drawbacks: If you load GPO into Kontakt 1.5 you gain the ability to edit all parameters and you could easily add the MIDI control to releases and set the default to a higher value. Doing this would require you to always add data to a track to shorten the release envelopes under normal circumstances but it would give you the option to lengthen the envelopes when you wished (like in legato string section passages). It would also be possible to sacrifice the velocity control of attacks and substitute an assignable MIDI controller if you preferred. You would lose the intuitive control of velocity but it would then resemble other libraries you are familiar with. Any changes could be saved as custom instruments or even Multis.


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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    Thanks Tom. Makes sense to me after your explanation. Not a huge deal, I will get by fine. I use Halion and am a happy camper so I don\'t want another sampler right now.

    I do hope that NI gets the Kompakt players working well soon with OS-X. There seems to be a lot of new libraries in the pipeline that will be packaged with built-in Kontakt products. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO vs. EWQLSO playability differences for a newbie.

    The beta testers of GPO had a large amount of input regarding the \'flex\' envelopes. Tom set us all sorts of various envelope settings not really telling us what instruments had what. We then told him which instruments \'played\' the best and we also told him which ones we didn\'t like and why. This helped him fine tune the \'flex\' envelopes to fit the various controllers we used and also to what we personally liked. He then had to go through all of the instruments to and and adjust the flex settings. You would be surprised at the amount of discs I have from this beta! Plus, we downloaded a bunch of updates.

    This really goes to show how much thought went into the playability of GPO. Much thought went into making the interface consistent from instrument to instrument. Gary and Tom really listened to the beta testers and tried to implement most of our suggestions plus we triggered many new ideas in Tom\'s head.

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