Here is a new song I did this weekend. I got a ton of new samples on Friday (It took about 2 hours to install them all), and used almost all of them in this song. It uses the following:

Garritan Personal Orchestra (contrabass and cello)
Diva (vocal)

I got Drumkit From Hell also, and thought about adding a slow rock drum part (a la Enigma), but decided against it. Let me know if you think I should add it.

BTW, I did it all in Sonar and was able to use all of the above at once (including two instances of Atmosphere) on an Athlon 950 with 768 megs of ram.

I used the VSTI of GPO in Sonar with dry sounds, and used the Pantheon reverb by Lexicon on both GPO and Diva.

-- Martin