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Topic: GPO - Fade to Zero?

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    GPO - Fade to Zero?

    Is there a convenient way to fade an instrument all the way to zero in GPO? The mod wheel gets close, but not all the way. Then when you lift the key the note audibly stops in a non-human way.

    I tried the expression and volume controls in the sequencer, but they have no effect on GPO. Sure, I can tailor it in the mix, but I\'d rather get it right at the sequencer phase.

    Any work arounds here?

    While it would be nice if the mod wheel drove GPO clear to zero output, I realize that many people would fire up GPO and think it was broken if they didn\'t hear an instrument whispering at them when they strike the keys. But the better solution would be to have the mod wheel default to mid-level rather than at its minumum. And have it be able to take the sound clear down to zero.


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    Re: GPO - Fade to Zero?

    Originally posted by JonFairhurst:

    Any work arounds here?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Does it respond to Expression or Volume messages? You could couple those with Mod messages

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    Re: GPO - Fade to Zero?


    If you activate the \"Use Std. cc#7/cc#10 volume and pan\" under \"Options\" you will be able to use cc#7 for additional volume shaping including fade to silence. Personally, I would prefer the more correct cc#11 but that is not an option with the present player. Your idea of setting the default to a moderate level upon loading an instrument is a fine one but not possible with the present player.


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    Re: GPO - Fade to Zero?

    Thanks Tom!

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