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Topic: GPO: How to work with Mac OS9?

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    GPO: How to work with Mac OS9?

    I just received my copy of GPO and must say that I´m impressed by the sound variety, the flawless installation process and the very helpful and complete manual. One can instantly realise that much effort has been put into the library and the manual.
    There is one drawback though.......
    Besides OSX and Cubase SX I´m still using OS9 and Cubase VST 5.2 as it puts less processor load on my poor quicksilver 733 MHz Mac. Unfortunately it seems that I can´t use GPO with OS9 as the Kontakt player is OSX only and my Kontakt version for OS9 (newest update v1.2) can´t play the library. Has anyone got an idea how to overcome this problem or is there no other choice than using OSX?
    Thanks for any help and thanks for Gary to provide the library (which could be the base of an evolving orchestra with payed upgrades?)
    Merry christmas and a happy new year

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    Re: GPO: How to work with Mac OS9?


    Sorry, OSX is it. NI has specifically stated that they will not develop new releases for OS9.

    Another option - if you have a PC, run GPO on the PC and link it with your OS9 Mac ...


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    Re: GPO: How to work with Mac OS9?

    I don´t have a PC (sometimes I regret it). I can understand the (long term)decision to develop for OSX as OS9 will disappear after all but currently many Mac users still use OS9 for some reasons.

    That´s why I like Halion libraries (they work for all OS)

    Thanks for your reply
    Best regards

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    Re: GPO: How to work with Mac OS9?

    A little bird wispered that there might be a Kontakt 1.5 version for OS9 (without telling a proper release date). At least there seems to be some solution appearing at the horizon [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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