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Topic: GPO + Logic + Panther

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    GPO + Logic + Panther

    I\'m very happy today, as I saw that GPO has finally been charged on my credit card (we know what that means!). I\'m wondering if I should be expecting any problems running GPO in Logic if I\'m running Panther (OS 10.3.1).


    Logic 6.3.2 + Panther 10.3.1 + Dual G5 2ghz.

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    Re: GPO + Logic + Panther

    I hope not Ned - Cause that\'s the exact same system that I\'m running!

    I will say everything else has run pretty well so far. I have Kontakt 1.5.1 and it\'s running quite well. There\'s only been a few fairly small things that drive me nuts. OSX.3 did fix the AU load time problem. Everything loads much quicker.

    One weird thing is in Logic - if you go to the graphic tempo editor. I can\'t draw tempos the way I use to. Do you have the same problem? Just curious.


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    Re: GPO + Logic + Panther

    J - thanks for the comforting info! I don\'t actually have GPO yet, so I can\'t comment on the GUI problem in Logic. I have heard of this bug before, and I believe that NI are working on it... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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