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Topic: Gary HELP!!--GPO won't finish install

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    Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install

    Hope you get this message Gary! I have tried to install the GPO several times, but each time it stops halfway through the first disc, and an error pops up saying something about how it can\'t find the violin something or other and several other soundfiles. I have attempted to email you about this, but none of them are accepted by your email (messages returned). Maybe because I use Juno email!

    I may try calling you on tuesday afternoon if I don\'t hear back. Maybe it\'s a bad disc or something.

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    Re: Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install

    i had the same problem, although i didnt reported to gary...
    just copy all the files of the 3cds to your HD. then copy all the content of the directory
    \"violin solo\" to the directory \"viola sola\" (do for both the dry and wet version, because i didnt remember which one was) and install from your harddisk. basically, you have to copy the files that the installer don\'t find in the correct directory (the one which appears in the error window)
    if you had further problem you may contact me in email (you can find it in my website www.alchemystudio.it)

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    Re: Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install

    It is a known issue when trying to install with Win98 or ME. Gary gave me these instructions: Create a directory called GPOinstall on your hard drive (you\'ll need about 2GB free space). Copy the contents of all three CD\'s to your hard drive to that directory. Run the installer from your hard drive. I hope I remembered all the steps!


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    Re: Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install

    actually i have XP...

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    Re: Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install


    I will be in today if you wish to get a hold of me. Hopefully we\'ll get you up and running.

    In the meanntime here is Win98/ME workaround. Although Win98/ME is not officially supported, we have been able to get it to install by doing the following:

    1) Find enough free space on one of your hard drives on your computer for about 2 gigabytes of temporary space - you will also need to make sure you have an additional 2 gigabytes somewhere on your system for where you will actually install GPO. Create a temporary folder called GPOdiscs on your hard drive. Copy the contents of the first GPO cd to this folder. Then copy the contents of the second cd to the folder, then copy the third cd to the folder. If you ever get a message saying Windows will need to overwrite an existing file to complete the copy, just say ok and keep going.

    It may be possible to completely skip this next step, I haven\'t tested to see:

    2) In your new GPOdiscs folder, delete the subfolders called \"GPOLibrary\" and \"Readme\" (delete all the contents of these subfolders in the process). If you can\'t find the \"Readme\" folder, just skip trying to delete it.

    Copy the GPOLibrary folder and Readme folder from a good installation to your new GPOdiscs folder (for customers I attached a zip file from my own installation). If you get any Windows messages saying Windows will need to overwrite a file or folder to complete a copy, press OK every time. Look in your GPOdiscs folder and verify that your GPOLibrary folder is back again now.

    3) In the GPOdiscs folder, double click \"GPO Setup.exe\". Follow the installation instructions in the installer.. Eventually the installer will ask for you to insert disc 2 or something like that.. just press OK and don\'t do anything with cds - the installation will continue just fine.

    See if this works and I look forward to speaking with you later.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install

    I think Gary copied and pasted from an email I sent earlier [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] so I wanted to clarify step 2 where it talks about using files from a good installation - Just email or otherwise contact Gary and he will set you up with the zip file you would need.
    Hope this helps


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    Re: Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install

    Thank you to all here, I remembered reading a post about a month ago mentioning the 98/ME install method. Thanks for everyone help and suggestions.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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    Re: Gary HELP!!--GPO won\'t finish install

    Maybe it is an installation glitch. Try Gary\'s instructions anyway. Hopefully it will help.

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