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Topic: Gary Garritan's idea of customer service

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    Gary Garritan\'s idea of customer service

    I want to say something about this. I have never dealt with a computer soft- or hardware company that was as friendly, patient, prompt and smart as these two people. I\'ve seen these qualities apart from eachother but Gary and Marianne have all four going at the same time. It\'s really something.

    I called on the phone, I emailed them and I asked a lot of questions before I plunked down that paltry sum of money for GPO. Every query was answered without hype, Gary was very careful to portray GPO realistically. Amazing.

    I got the impression that They love what they do, that making samples and music is what Gary loves the most.

    That\'s all I wanted to say, and oh yeah, GPO sounds wonderful.

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    Re: Gary Garritan\'s idea of customer service


    I have just purchased GPO as well and, at the risk of not appearing too sycophantic, I would go along with your good service experience.

    It didn\'t really surprise me as I had already read good things about their service on the forum. Nice to experience that these days though!


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    Re: Gary Garritan\'s idea of customer service

    So we should all wish them a merry christmas. May you recover from the work you had during the last weeks.
    Your library is an extraordinary christmas present. Thanks and all the best to you.

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    Re: Gary Garritan\'s idea of customer service

    I have been at this for over 30 years, and I can only remember one or two companies that even approach what Gary has always done. To my knowledge he has never \'burned\' anyone in his business practices (he his simply a sincerely nice guy who enjoys all this stuff as much as we do!)

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    Re: Gary Garritan\'s idea of customer service

    I also agree Steve,
    On this Christmas Eve morning I feel like a kid. When I go to sleep (or try) tonight I know GPO will be somewhere under the tree tomorrow morning. Imagine an entire orchestra, with infinite patience, waiting for me. I am blown away with every new demo. Last Saturday, when I thought it wouldn’t arrive in time, my wife finally said “Please don’t write those poor people anymore I have it wrapped already” What great service! I am blown away with every new demo. Thank you so much Gary. I could never have afforded the higher priced collections. Boy, now if I could only get the sugarplums, dancing in my head, to calm down just a little.

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    Re: Gary Garritan\'s idea of customer service

    I am extremely happy with the support on GPO. Customer service is A+. When I first called to check on my order I was surprised to be greeted with a friendly warm voice, \"Hello, Mr. Garriton\'s office.\" The support was friendly, helpful and caring. I was even more surpised when Mr. Garritan responded to my tech question emails in less than 24 hours.

    Very impressive indeed!!


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    Re: Gary Garritan\'s idea of customer service

    I must join in on the praise of Gary, Marianne and everybody working hard to bring us GPO.

    Yes, I got it, three days before Christmas. It took less than a month from the order to delivery here to distant Slovenia. (check the world maps if you\'re not sure [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I know some Slovenian retailers where it takes five times that long to get something. The joy was only slightly dampened by the customs bill and the streaming issue (must start saving up for the RAM chips..) Thank you Gary & co. and congratulations on your speed, quality and kindness. God bless you all [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Happy holidays, everbody.

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