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Topic: More of "The Planets" PLEASE!

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    More of "The Planets" PLEASE!

    Those are great demos, particularily the \"Venus\" (my 10 year old son\'s favorite, from The Planets)

    At his request, how about Neptune and Mars?
    (wish I had the time to work those up!)

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    Re: More of "The Planets" PLEASE!

    I enjoyed Mercury \"The Winged Messenger\" very much. It was another beautifully programmed piece by Haydn (Jim Ortner).

    It might be a good time to thank all the folk who programmed these demos. Apart from the pleasure of listening to them they enabled me to purchase GPO with great confidence. I won\'t forget the excitement of hearing the initial demos for the first time....Wonderful!
    For $250...Incredible!

    Happy Christmas Demoers!


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