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Topic: Gos articulation question...

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    Gos articulation question...

    Hi all, besides the Grand Detache articulation(s), are there any other patches in GOS that are good for the \"in-between\" speed of playing?

    It seems like Spiccatto is good for fast runs for example, but I was thinking of something that attacks the note and also has some sustain. One comparison would be the Sam Horns \"Marcato B\" patch.

    I\'m not sure if im missing something (wouldnt surprise me!) but I cant seem to find any other patches for medium paced melodies.

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Re: Gos articulation question...

    Try 2nd Violins portato, one of my favourites.


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    Re: Gos articulation question...

    Thanks Jeannot. I\'ll try it out!

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