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Topic: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

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    Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    Well I just got GPO - Christmas eve - just in time for Christmas! The irony is all the libraries I\'ve ordered in the last little while all decided to arrive this morning at 9:45! It\'s been great! All these new toys! And I haven\'t even opened 1 present yet from my family! (although I know they won\'t be passing out samples so I\'m good to buy my own).

    Anyway - I\'ve been BLOWN AWAY at the programming for the Kontakt player. I love the way you play harder and you get quicker attacks - play softer and you get slower attacks. It just makes sense.

    So now I won\'t to convert GOS for Giga into Kontakt. I\'m wondering if Gary and the gand plans to re-program GOS to take advantage of Kontakt and it\'s features, or if I\'m going to need to learn how to do it! I never would have thought I could do it, but now I know it can be done, I\'m determined to figure it out!!!!


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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    It\'s my understanding that a Kontakt version of the GOS \'Lite\' library will be available soon. I would contact Gary after the holidays to have him tell you about it.

    Btw, isn\'t the GPO programming a gas!

    It\'s just so natural to work this way. I believe it was the programing options in the Kontakt player that convinced him to go with that over the more popular Kompakt player that EW uses.

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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    Oh yes, it\'s a gas. I stayed up all night playing around with GPO- now it\'s Christmas morning and I\'m too sleepy to enjoy Christmas, but I have to go pick up my dad at the airport - I\'m a very irresponsible son. Thanks a lot Gary, Tom and Gang for making me irresponsible and childish this Christmas [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    J. Whaley,

    Yes, it is our intention to use an approach similar to GPO in the Kontakt version of GOS, taking advantage of the many programming options available in that platform. This will not be just a direct port from Giga.

    And, yes Nexus, the decision of which player to use for GPO was largely determined by the choice that provided full availability of all Kontakt features. There’s one programmer, who shall remain nameless with the initials TH, who would have hollered long and hard about any decision to the contrary.


    P.S. I’m glad you are enjoying the (we hope more intuitive) programming in GPO.

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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    Thanks Tom [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Yes i\'m enjoying quite a bit. And the more I play, the more I enjoy. I\'ve often thought to myself \"Boy i\'d give just about anything to go hang out with Tom Hopkins and learn how he programmed this stuff\". The reason? Not just because it\'s amazingly flexible and intuitive to work with, but because it just makes sense. And I\'d really love to be able to convert several other libraries into this type of intuitive programming.

    I just paid a good chunk of change for another library (nameless) that has every thing you could dream of, but it takes about 8 tracks to get all the articulations up just to play the stuff! There\'s way more programming then music going on when working with those samples. I\'d REALLY love to reprogram that stuff!


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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    I don’t know J., there are a few people on this forum who have hung out with me on occasion and it has only managed to increased their therapy bills. It would probably be healthier for you to load the instruments into Kontakt and examine the programming from a safe distance!


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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    I am a GOS Giga owner and am eager to crossgrade to GOS Kontakt when it becomes available; do we have any idea on when the Kontakt version will be released?

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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.


    We couldn\'t get the cow to hold still. What you hear is the unavoidable \"doppler effect.\"


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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    Tom, Believe me, I have great plans to open up the GPO stuff in Kontakt and look at your programming! But I just got kontakt so I\'m still learning some stuff about it while trying to keep up with all my clients who don\'t care that I want to sit in front of a computer and doink with sound instead of do their tracks for them! In theory before I die I\'ll have time to learn everything I want - then I\'ll die and can\'t use any of it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Ha!

    No seriously - you\'ve figured some cool stuff out in Kontakt that the manual could never teach people like me. Plus your years of experience helps. I\'ve not had the benifit of growing with the technology from its young years. The first samples I started trying to edit on were in Giga. I would have given up then if I hadn\'t learned how easy it could be in EXS!. One of my goals for the year is to dig DEEP into Kontakt [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Partly because you\'ve displayed that it CAN be done, and it can be REALLY cool!


    BTW - welcome back to the forum - haven\'t seen you in a while.

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    Re: Programming for GOS Kontakt.

    Tom, I\'m confused about the need for NI to make a Kontakt player and a Kompakt player. Which is more advanced? Could you have used Kompakt player to program GPO, or is Kompakt the cheaper little brother to Kontakt player?

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