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Topic: can't find samples (?)

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    can\'t find samples (?)

    hmm.. is nobody else having problems while loading instruments? I\'m having several problems when loading different instruments. I get the \"could not find sample\" dialog box quite frequently and the autofind doesn\'t seem to resolve it.

    The strange thing is -- on different (re)installations of GPO, I may or may not have the problem when trying (for example) timpani. On one installation, it finds everything. On another installation, can\'t find samples. Seems to happen for dry, wet and multi. Both in standalone mode and as a plugin. Its kind of unpredictable at this point.

    I\'ve tried installing from CD & CD\'s copied to disk. Also got the GPO Kontakt patch ( yesterday and the new multis.

    No problems with the installation, just in loading instruments. Sorry, no experience w/ Kontakt, but I have used other VSTi. Any insights would be appreciated!

    OS = WinXP
    Sound card = Audiophile 2496
    Sequencer = Cubase SX

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    Re: can\'t find samples (?)

    I don\'t specifically have the same problem, But I do have a problem loading multis. I can load them but everything freezes. if I then - from the win toolbar at the bottom ogf the screen - right click on GPO and close it - it does not close, but control does comeback with the multi loaded. If I try a second time with multi it hoses up. Also I cannot execute the remove commands.

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    Re: can\'t find samples (?)

    I have the same OS/sequencer config but do not have your problem. Hmmm... I *did* run into this when moving a cpr file from one machine to another, but once I started a clean project and was able to locate the library files, the \"moved\" project seemed to load fine.

    It sounds lame to try this, but grab the latest version from the NI site ( and see if things improve. If not, then shoot an email to Gary. He\'s quick to respond and may have a few other things you can try.

    Merry Christmas,

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    Re: can\'t find samples (?)

    bah... Houston -- thanks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] , in a weird way, you helped to solve the problem.

    I decided to download the NI update again and my virus software popped up at the same time to get its own update. Hmm, I thought, do that later... actually, disable yourself dammit, I\'m doing something important here...

    Fresh installation (the ninth, I think), but this time with the virus software OFFFFFFF, everthing works great. Symantec Anti-virus didn\'t like something in the .nks files, I guess.

    I withdraw my whining plea for help. All is well. Actually, I\'m pretty pumped up now, especially since mom-in-law is outta here tomorrow morning and I\'ll be able to play. w00!

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