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Topic: Serial Number Location?

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    Re: Serial Number Location?

    Thanks for the information. Looks like they forgot to attach a serial number to this manual. Oh well, just wanted to make sure I wasn\'t overlooking something. I\'ll contact them and sort it out.


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    Re: Serial Number Location?

    Originally posted by YBaCuO:
    Wow! GPO for Christmas - someone must love you very much ...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The best Christmas present is family.Your serial number has been emailed to you.

    Merry Christmas,



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    Serial Number Location?

    Received GPO as a Christmas Gift this morning. The package looks great and thanks to Gary for the personalized note inside the front cover. As I was attempting to install it this afternoon I realized that there doesn\'t seem to be a serial number (that I can locate) within the package. I looked all through the manual and within all the packaging and can\'t seem to locate it. I was expecting it would be on a sticker (or printed) within the manual. Am I missing something?



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    Re: Serial Number Location?

    Wow! GPO for Christmas - someone must love you very much ...

    My serial number was on a sticker inside the front cover of the printed manual. Upper left hand corner, maybe 1.5\" long by 3/8\".
    Right above \"The Guide to Garritan Personal Orchestra ....\"


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    Re: Serial Number Location?

    Thanks Gary!,

    What other software company would go out of their way on Christmas day to make sure a customer was taken care of? You\'re a class act!

    Happy Holidays,

    Bentley Ousley

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    Re: Serial Number Location?

    Gary is so much more than just another \'sample mill\'!

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