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Topic: System Requirements ...

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    System Requirements ...

    Hi all,

    Will GPO work well with a 700Mhz iBook G3 with 640Mb of Ram? Also, what USB soundcard do you recommend (I am using OSX 10.3 and Logic 5.5)? I am looking at one of the emagic usb devices - if anyone has a similar system or useful info I would be very grateful.

    It is worth saying that I do not do ANY audio recording using the iBook - purely sequencing.

    Thanks for your help, and Merry Christmas!


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    Re: System Requirements ...

    I\'ve got a question about the system requirements for GPO, too. I\'ve got a 1300 Mhz Duron and 512 MB RAM while usually running both cubase and gigastudio (with AO) on it. The RAM is not a problem as I can easily add some more, but my board does not take any higher CPU, so upgrading this would result in a totally new computer. My question is how much can I do with that processor power (keep in mind that Cubase is running too)? I\'ve got no problem with freezing the string/brass/woodwind parts and work step by step, but is it enough CPU-power to at least use the complete string section at a time or a cut down version of the complete orchestra (say no articulations but just sustain sounds to sketch the composition)?


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    Re: System Requirements ...

    Hi Ozvaldo,
    as I said in another post I tried to use GPO on my ibook G3 900 MHz, 640 MB of ram with 10.2 and Cubase SL 1.06 but I had a lot of problems because just with 4 instruments playing together (the quartet preset) and the cubase reverber (not the garritan one that is very good but consumes a lot of CPU) I reached my CPU limit.
    Now I\'m working on my brother powerbook and I don\'t have a lot of problems but using a string orchestra with 14 instrument playing together and the garritan reverber I reached the limit sometimes.
    I suggest you to think to change your laptop because otherwise also using the freeze function you should have a lot of problems.
    The sound are incredible but I think that now the biggest problem is the CPU and not the RAM for Mac user, I don\'t know how it works on PC.

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    Re: System Requirements ...

    I use GPO and my other soft samplers on a P3 933mghz and 512megs. I run Win 98 for music and Win ME for other things. With GPO I find that for slower music, with all reverbs turned off, I can get all eight parts going.

    So naturally I render the strings, brass, etc. to tracks at times and continue on.

    This method is not nearly as satisfying as being able to have nearly all of your orchestral palette up at one time.

    I have also used another technique I started with the Gigastudio. I created what I call orchestral \'stand-ins\' on my E4 sampler. I use small megabyte sounds and program them to respond in a way similar to what I am actually going to use to render the tracks. These are my \'composing\' instruments.

    I will have to now go back and reprogram these stand-ins to respond in a similar fashion as GPO.

    I also am seriously considering getting a faster PC, something in the Athlon range of at least 2.4 ghz, they are getting so inexpensive now. I also am limited by ram on my current PC, it can\'t be expanded past 512 megs.

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