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Topic: GOS Keyswitching question

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    GOS Keyswitching question

    Hi all,

    are the KS patches in GOS reduced down in anyway?
    (fewer velocity layers for example)

    I am wondering if I choose to only use a KS patch if I can then delete seperate patches like trills, tremolos, etc.

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    Re: GOS Keyswitching question


    Yes, the Keyswitched section string patches are reduced in two ways in comparison to the individual patches:

    1. No legato layer
    2. No accent layer

    The first is because Kontakt only allows one type of switching at a time, whereas the accent layer generated some undesirable artifacts with this combination of keyswitched instruments.

    The loss of these features may or may not be important to you but since you save no significant HD space by deleting the separate patches (they only consist of the configuration data, not samples) you may want to leave them. This could be an advantage if a situation arises where you would find the extra features of the individual patches useful.


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    Re: GOS Keyswitching question

    Hi Tom, thanks for replying. You actually mentioned Kontakt - not sure if you are referring to GPO? My question was in regard to GOS running in Gigastudio.

    Thanks very much,


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    Re: GOS Keyswitching question


    Sorry about that – you can tell where my focus has been lately. The answer to your question (about GOS!) is that it depends. If you are referring to the KS Lite compared to the separate Lite instruments then there is no difference. If you are referring to the KS Lites compared to the main instruments then there is a definite difference. The KS Lites use fewer samples for mapping and sometimes fewer velocity splits than the main instruments. By the way, it’s really easy to tell things like this if you open the instruments in the Giga Instrument Editor. Mapping and dimensional complexity are pretty obvious at a glance if you are even a little bit familiar with the editor. I recommend getting familiar with the editor because it opens up the world of custom tailoring of the instruments to your needs.

    One more thing: If it turns out that you meant the comparison of KS Lite to separate lite instruments then deleting the separate instruments is another case where you will not save any HD space by doing so. All Lite instruments draw upon the same wave pool from within the gig file so the number of instruments within the file has no appreciable affect upon the size of the file.


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    Re: GOS Keyswitching question

    Thanks Tom.

    I recommend getting familiar with the editor because it opens up the world of custom tailoring of the instruments to your needs.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Good point. I have been doing that today and just built my first ever keyswitched instrument. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I did also delete the seperate lite instruments, but more for readability in Giga than anything else.

    Thanks again.

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