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Topic: Are many people here using Cubasis VST?

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    Are many people here using Cubasis VST?

    GPO is impressive indeed. I spent yesterday installing and playing with it, and its instruments. Today I started fiddling with Cubasis VST and getting the hang of sequencing. One thing I noticed was that it doesn\'t seem to let you do note velocity slides. Does anyone know how to do this?

    And what\'s the most popular VST sequencer with GPO users so far?

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    Re: Are many people here using Cubasis VST?


    When you say “note velocity slides” are you referring to portamentos (slides between notes – e.g. strings) or something else? If you mean portamentos the controller you are looking for is cc20. The data can be drawn at note transitions in your sequencer. If this is not what you mean – could you please give a more detailed description?


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    Re: Are many people here using Cubasis VST?

    Thanks for the reply Tom.

    Basically I want to alter a note\'s velocity as it\'s being played. For example, I want to have strings start off a piece with one note which goes all the way from PP to FF. How do I go about this in Cubasis? It lets me change the note velocity only at the beginning of each note, but it won\'t let me slide the velocity up or down.

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    Re: Are many people here using Cubasis VST?


    In GPO that is not a function of velocity, it\'s a function of the mod wheel (cc1). Velocity controls the strength of the attack of the note - lower velocities=gentle attacks, higher velocities=stronger attacks. The mod wheel simultaneously controls dynamic volume and timbre. If you play a note with the mod wheel in its full-down position you will start the note at its quietest level. As you hold the note and move the mod wheel up the note will get louder (and often brighter, as with real instruments) on up to the maximum level at full mod wheel travel. Please refer to the GPO manual for more detailed information. If you have no controller keyboard (and I highly recommend that you get one if you don\'t have one) you will need to enter the cc1 data by \"drawing\" it into the track - it\'s much easier to play the data from a keyboard than to draw it. Check the Help files in Cubasis for more information on entering controller data and other features if you need them.

    By the way, velocity never \"slides\" as you put it. It always applies only to the initiation of a given note. Changes in volume during a note are normally controlled in the world of MIDI by cc11 (expression) and overall levels are set with cc7 (volume). GPO takes a different approach by using the mod wheel (a controller found on virtually every keyboard) to make it very accessible in real time. GPO does many things differently which is why it is essential for the user to become intimately familiar with the GPO manual - it explains the rules.


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    Re: Are many people here using Cubasis VST?

    I found what I was looking for -- I don\'t have a MIDI keyboard or anything so I\'m doing this all by programming alone. The Cubasis manual said to hold down ALT and click with the pencil tool to create a new expression controller, so that\'s now allowed me to what I want.

    The velocity thing makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for setting me straight Tom! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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