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Topic: note proximity problem in GPO

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    note proximity problem in GPO

    I\'ve asked Gary this question a couple of times. He may not know the answer or maybe its on the fix list. I haven\'t mentioned it on the KontactPlayer list. Partly because I forgot about it and partly because I don\'t know if its a problem or a feature.

    I use Logic-the Matrix editor-which is a piano roll tool.

    When using solo strings (on the tune I\'m working on)sustain gets mixed up with alt bowing. If my notes are too close together (almost touching) I get sustain. Move them apart and I get alt bowing.
    ON this piece I\'m using a piano so my Pedal Mode is #4.

    Earlier I noticed (on a piece without piano using pedal Mode #2) that if the notes got too close together the second note would not play. When I add the sustain pedal down (legato mode) the note would play (in legato as it should).

    Here\'s the question...Is it a feature that if the notes are too close together, but not in legato, the second note is not played because a real player could not tounge the second note so quickly?

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    Re: note proximity problem in GPO

    generally in most sequencers, if there are note overlaps it will send out a \"note off\" signal to the sampler, usually immediately before the \"note on\" for the next note occurs.

    Giga and other samplers may (tho I\'m pretty sure this is what happens) quantize the events slightly, so the note offs may end up being interperated after (or exactly when) the next \"note on\" occurs, thus canceling out both notes.

    This only occurs when the same note is played succesively.

    not sure about the other problems

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    Re: note proximity problem in GPO

    You mention that the notes are too close together and then the 2nd note doesn\'t play. Are these 2 notes the same pitch? If so, this is a common thing with pretty much any sample library I\'ve played in both Kontakt and Giga.

    Not quite sure what Pedal Mode #2 and #4 are. Are you referring to the order they are listed in the drop down menu in the Kontakt player?

    Maybe Tom Hopkins has an answer why in Kontakt the 2nd note doesn\'t play when they get close. The legato mode would play the note as it lops of the attack and starts the sample over from the sustain portion of the envelope.

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    Re: note proximity problem in GPO

    I\'ve just been working with a piece in Logic. The notes can be unison played on e after the other or even other notes.

    Sometimes they have to be nearly 1/16th beat difference before they are heard.

    But if I set legato mode (Pedal mode #2) (second in the list)then both notes will play, no matter how close together they are.

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