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Topic: Cannot locate "content file" after Kontakt upgrade

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    Cannot locate "content file" after Kontakt upgrade

    I downloaded and installed the latest GPO Kontakt player and enterd the registerd code.Now I get an error message stating that it cannot locate the \"content file\". When I navigate to the seperate drive where my samples are located, Kontakt either crashes or refuses to see the samples. Everything was working fine before upgrade.I am using Panther OSX. Since the samples are on a seperate drive, is there a step that I am Missing?

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    Re: Cannot locate "content file" after Kontakt upgrade

    I don\'t remember the exact error message I received, but I had a similar sounding problem after applying the update. I\'m using GPO as a VSTi plug-in with Cubase SX 2, on a Mac with OS X 10.3.2.

    The resolution for me: The updater placed a new version of the VSTi plug-in in the first level of my \"plug-ins\" folder, but the installer did not actually REPLACE the previously installed version. I assume this is beause I had moved the original plug into a subfolder; I\'m very anal about organizing my plug-in folder. Once I made sure I had only the new version of the plug-in on my machine and had it located in the same subfolder where I had kept the previous version, this issue cleared up.

    Hope this helps in your situation...


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