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Topic: Installed NI/GPO updates, but no change--Please Help

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    Installed NI/GPO updates, but no change--Please Help

    Hi Guys,

    I recently received GPO and am totally pumped, but when I downloaded the NI updates I noticed no difference in the problems I was having before the download--GPO works exactly the same as before I installed the updates and fixes. For instance, when I try to play in legato mode and set the sustain pedal mode options on the Kontakt Player to the second option on the list as instructed in the GPO manual (\"No Sustain/Sostenuto Operation, but MIDI controller\"), it does not play in legato mode like it is supposed to. If I try to play a solo wind instrument with that same option selected it does not play the notes legato, but releases the note as soon as I do even though I am still depressing the sustain pedal. Ironically, I CAN play most solo wind instruments in legato mode by choosing the FIRST sustain option (\"Normal Sustain/Sostenuto Operation\"). I could live with this, but I still am unable to play any of my strings (section or solo) in legato mode. Regardless of what sustain pedal option I have chosen. These are the same problems I was having before I downloaded the updates and installed them. Is there something I missed or has anyone else encountered a problem like this? After unzipping the update, when I opened it up it said it was \"INSTALLING GPO\" onto my computer. I thought this a little strange since I had already installed GPO and this file was supposed to be \"UPDATING\" the problems and bugs, but I let it to do what it had to do (it didn\'t take anywhere near as long as when I originally installed GPO so I took that as a good sign). However, after the downloads didn\'t work, I even tried uninstalling both GPO and the updates and starting the whole process from scratch, but once again I encountered the same problems as before I downloaded the updates (now a second time). Since these problems weren\'t remedied I\'m pretty sure the other bugs and problems weren\'t taken care of either. If it helps, I am using GPO as a VST plug-in in Cubase VST 5.0 on Windows XP.

    Please help. Thanks! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Installed NI/GPO updates, but no change--Please Help


    I’m glad you gave a relatively detailed description of your problem because it revealed the reason for at least one of your difficulties. You have misunderstood the meaning of “legato mode.” Legato mode is not the same as “sustain” (as the sustain pedal normally functions with piano). When legato mode is operating correctly it does not cause the notes being played to sustain until the release of the pedal. Rather, it is a switching function. Stepping on the sustain pedal, when set to \"No Sustain/Sostenuto Operation, but MIDI controller,” switches to a second layer of samples whose purpose is to smooth note-to-note transitions when the sustain pedal is depressed. The legato layer accomplishes this by removing the attack portion of the wave and substituting a carefully chosen envelope, the characteristics of which depend upon the particular instrument being simulated.

    1. For string sections the function is the smoothing of note transitions, particularly useful for rapid lines and ornamentation.
    2. For solo strings the function is both the smoothing note transitions and simulating alternating bow strokes. Alternating pedal positions for each of a series of notes results in alternating bow strokes. Holding the pedal down through a series of notes can help to simulate the series being played on a single bow stroke.
    3. For solo wind instruments the function differentiates between tongued and slurred notes. Pedal up = tongued, pedal down = slurred. The solo instruments are also setup, by default, to “mono mode.” When you sustain one note and follow it with a second note the first note will automatically be cut off at the start of the second note (just as with a real wind instrument being played with standard technique). The correct use of the legato feature would be to apply the pedal whenever notes are intended to be “slurred.” If a phrase is intended to be two staccato notes followed by two slurred notes you would play two short notes with the pedal up followed by two longer, connected notes with the pedal down. Careful attention to applied articulations can lead to a significant increase in realism for wind instrument parts.

    Now, none of this guarantees that the legato mode is working properly in your system. A good test would be to load an instrument from each of these categories and play a series of rapid notes, first with the sustain pedal up and then again with the sustain pedal down. You should hear a distinct difference with the pedal depressed along with an apparent increase in agility. Once you have confirmed that the legato mode is functioning the solution to your problem is just a matter of learning how to use it as designed. As a matter of fact, if you find that depressing the sustain pedal causes the notes to sustain (even if you release the notes from the keyboard) then legato mode is definitely NOT functioning correctly.

    I can’t determine from your post if the update installed successfully. When you have the player open, click on the Kontakt logo – it will display a tabbed page with the version number on it. It should be if you were successful.

    As a point of interest: With solo instruments the goal was not to create absolutely smooth transitions since all acoustic instruments have certain characteristic amounts of discontinuity in note-to-note transitions. Totally smooth transitions would sound unnatural. It depends on the instrument and best approximate values were chosen accordingly.

    One last thing: If you continue to have problems please contact Gary directly and either he or I will try to walk you through this until it is clear.


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    Re: Installed NI/GPO updates, but no change--Please Help

    I had exactly the same problem, and have only just solved it. You have actually got the updated version somewhere on your computer, but the update program has not put it where it should.

    Do a global search for PersonalOrchestraVST.dll and see how many you have. Note the locations and sizes. Basically you have to put the smaller of the two (19,596 in my case) in the correct VST folder. So you could try changing the large and small ones round. I do not guarantee success with this! It worked for me, that\'s all. And I had to uninstall and reinstall GPO three times before I got it right. The VST folder location was the cause of all the trouble I had: because when installing the main program it asked me for location of VST folder I gave it (correctly) as C:\\Program Files\\VSTplugins, and in all subsequent manoeuvres that\'s where I took it to be. But the set-up program had in fact created a new subfolder C:\\Program Files\\VSTplugins\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\VST and it was by kicking the old .dll out of there and moving the new one in, that I finally succeeded.

    Don\'t forget to use your VST wrapper before using it in Sonar or similar programs.

    Good luck. E-mail me at td@quorndon.com if you need more information.

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    Re: Installed NI/GPO updates, but no change--Please Help

    I also had a similar problem. I had installed the update under a different XP profile than the original GPO install. I reapplied the patch under the profile that my original install was performed and it worked fine.

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