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Topic: How do you activate Ambience reverb as a "send effect"?

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    How do you activate Ambience reverb as a "send effect"?

    Hi guys,

    I\'m still very new to the whole sample/sequencer process. I\'m trying to use my bundled Ambience reverb that came with GPO as a \"send effect\", but cannot get it to operate. I see it in my list of choices for \"send effects\" on my drop down menu in my sequencer, but when I highlight it, I don\'t hear anything different (actually I don\'t hear anything different when I highlight anything else on my \"send effects\" list either). If I pull up the Ambience reverb as a \"master effect\" I do hear it, but I understand you\'re not supposed to use reverb as a master effect for some reason or other.

    Are you supposed to be able to hear \"send effects\" immediately while playing/recording MIDI like you can hear \"master effects\" or have I missed something here? (As I said, I\'m still real new to all this.) I\'ve tried to find out what I could about \"send effects\" and how they work in my Cubase manual, but don\'t see anything on the topic other than instructions on how to highlight and pull it up as I have done. I am using GPO as a VST plug-in in Cubase VST 5.0 if that helps shed light on anything.

    Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Thanks! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: How do you activate Ambience reverb as a "send effect"?

    Hi Frodo -- do you have the PDF version(s) of the Cubase manuals? If so, let me know and I can point out the exact pages (in order) to get it working (\"Getting into the Details\" pp 440-444 might work nicely). Its a few steps, but after you do it a couple of times, you\'ll have no problem.

    If you don\'t have the \"Getting into the details\" part of the manual, let me know and I\'ll cut/paste some stuff together. I\'m using SX now, but I have a lot of the Cubase 5 stuff memorized (unfortunately). The first 500 times its fun to set up, but after that it gets kinda tedious.

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    Re: How do you activate Ambience reverb as a "send effect"?

    Hi Frodo , try this ,,,,,,,

    Open up the Cubase mixer , find the channel that
    your midi track is on , click the FX button (near
    the top of that channel strip) this will open
    the VST channel settings window for that track ,
    now here you will have a choice of insert effect
    or send effect , try the insert effect by clicking the black \'NO E..ct\' below \'ON\'\'EDIT\'
    this will bring up a drop down list of all available effects , select your Ambience reverb ,
    click the \'ON\' button to turn the ambience plugin on and click the \'Edit\' button to bring up the
    ambience plugins GUI for editing its controls.
    you should now have the effect on the track

    Now where you are going wrong (I think ) with
    the send effect is you are only loading the effect
    into the effect rack and not routing the track to
    it or turning the send on .......

    Load the effect into the effect rack via the Cubase \'panels\' menu / \'vst send effects\' ,
    now go to your \'VST channel settings\' as you
    did for the ibnsert effect above , this time
    click on \'NO FX\' and select the ambience plug
    and click the \'ON\' button and adjust the blue
    knob below the \'ON\'\'PRE\' buttons .


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