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Topic: CC 24 problem in GPO

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    CC 24 problem in GPO

    I am getting a series of random cc 24 whenever I record with GPO.

    I have confirmed that this only happens when I have GPO loaded as a dxi in Sonar3. It seems that GPO is sending out these controller information no matter what when recording.

    Am I missing something?

    I just spent a few hours trying to get a decent sound (converting a file from giga as a test) and was getting very frustrated. I then noticed the cc 24 business and all the stuff I record in realtime sounds like *&^^, crackly, random vol changes etc..

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    Re: CC 24 problem in GPO

    please help! it\'s very annoying!!

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    Re: CC 24 problem in GPO

    What version of sonar. As has been said before, if you have sonar 3. Use the VST version - many problems went away for me when I went this route.
    And if you don\'t have sonar3 - then make that a goal. It even sounds better (confirmed by Many many others on the cakewalk forums).

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    Re: CC 24 problem in GPO

    i use sonar 2.2 and GPO as DXi (not VST)

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    Re: CC 24 problem in GPO

    i have written a very small CAL routine for Sonar in order to delete all the unwanted controller 24 events. if you want it, just write to me (you\'ll find the adress in my site...)

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    Re: CC 24 problem in GPO

    I\'ll second what Headcheese said. It\'s been my experience that Kontakt and the GPO player are WAY more stable running as VSTi\'s than DXI.

    For example I was seeing things like idle cpu useage running up around 30-40% when I loaded up several instances of the player with a lot of samples. I was also getting weird crashes and lockups.

    When I switched the players from DXI to VST the cpu idled at 10-15% and everything stabilized.

    You can get the VST adapter from the Cakewalk website for Sonar 2.2. But at US$59.00 it\'s not that much cheaper than upgrading to Sonar 3.

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    Re: CC 24 problem in GPO

    Tresero and Bosone,

    Are you saying that when you examine a recorded MIDI track you actually see cc24 data among the recorded events? I ask this because I can’t think of any obvious mechanism for this data to be generated at the plugin location and then become inadvertently routed to the recorded MIDI track. A more likely explanation for what you are experiencing is Sonar loading GPO instruments without properly transferring the default setting of the cc24 MIDI controller (which, by default, is set to “0” for all instruments.) If an instrument is incorrectly loaded with a larger value than zero it will automatically generate random INTERNAL changes as if it were receiving external cc24 events. The intensity of the effect will be in direct proportion to the amount of the inaccurate setting above zero. This happens without the existence of actual cc24 data in the MIDI track. It can be overcome by placing a zero cc24 event at the beginning of the particular track being affected, but that is just a workaround. The real fix would be to get the instrument to load with the defaults intact, as designed. I experienced something similar in Kontakt 1.2 with Sonar. For me, it was the cc20 (portamento) default that was not transferred correctly upon load. This led to instruments that had massive amounts of portamento between notes as soon as the instruments were loaded and played. I have not experienced this problem with any other sequencers I have tried and it does not occur, even in Sonar 3.0, in the latest version of the player ( on my system. This is using GPO as a VSTi, by the way. I have no experience with earlier versions of Sonar.


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    Re: CC 24 problem in GPO

    I have always, as a matter of course, used the VSTi versions of NI instruments from Pro-52/53 to FM7 on down, and wrapped them for SONAR. I use \"DirectiXer\" and it seems to work as well as Cakewalk\'s wrapper. I asked about on the Cakewalk forum to see if anyone else used this wrapper and everyone who did reported very good performance. Just for your info.

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