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Topic: GPO for Film Music

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    GPO for Film Music

    Some have commented that most of the early GPO demos were classical, and not for film. Well, here\'s some film-style music - including some video to give it context. It\'s 100% GPO samples, with Acoustic Mirror for ambience.


    A note about the video: My 16-year old is studying filming techniques. We got him some books and a Steady Tracker for Xmas. (Not a SteadyCam - the tracker costs about 1/10th as much.)

    He\'s just starting to do some \"etudes\". These are single scenes that try out a concept or two from his books. I get to study as well - I\'m on retainer as his personal composer. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] He\'s also contracted an excellent actor - his 12-year-old kid brother.

    This is his first test piece. It wasn\'t done with public consumption in mind, so take it for what it is.

    I wrote the composition by first playing around with different ideas using a piano & strings patch on my Kurzweil. I moused it into Cakewalk and played with the tempo to get it to hit the timing points from our previous \"spotting session\". I then recorded the 13 tracks by hand, and tweaked the stuff I didn\'t play tight enough.

    One time waster was rendering/importing the individual tracks. I use Bidule, and it doesn\'t have a way to sync the recording. That means I had to sync them by hand in Vegas. All told it took a little over three hours. I\'ll be quicker on the next one. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I hope that Gary\'s upcomming GPO host has a way to sync the recordings to wave. Lining things up by hand is so 20th century.

    I hope you enjoy this little GPO vignette.

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    Re: GPO for Film Music

    not bad actually.

    i myself got GPO with some intention of using it for film/video projects i may do in the future. GPO seems to be a good starting point for me as far as sampler tools go.

    what brass instruments did you use?

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    Re: GPO for Film Music

    I used the Horn FF Overlay and the Trumpet/Trombone multis with all of the trumpets and trombones ganged together into two respective channels.

    I\'m making a slight modification as I type. I\'m going to add a piccolo trumpet and some oboes to the second phrase of the \"action part\". When I walked away from the computer I realized that I hadn\'t changed the instrumentation between the two phrases. Rookie mistake. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO for Film Music

    There. I\'ve added the piccolo trumpet and oboes to the second action phrase. It\'s subtle. Kind of like EQ\'ing via orchestration.

    And I was reminded that not everybody has the Real player, so here are some more formats:


    Windows Media Video:

    Updated Real Video:


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