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Topic: my quartet demo

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    my quartet demo

    This is a suite I wrote for a string orchestra. I used the string quartet preset in GPO changing the second violin from the stradivari to the guarnieri because I prefer it. I also used the GPO reverber preset concert hall 2 changing the delay to 1000 ms and the cubase SL 1 compressor.
    I used cubase SL on mac OS X 10.2.8.
    I\'m an hobby composer and this is my first peace using a virtual library. I don\'t have a keyboard so I have to put every note by mouse. Probably using a keyboard is possible to have more expression from GPO.
    The title is Dream of a mid-summer night.


    Any comment is welcome
    thanks and happy new year

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    Re: my quartet demo

    I get a Lycos redirect.

    You might try a shorter title for each movement, taking out all spaces. And then give the entire link.


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    Re: my quartet demo

    Maybe it\'s just me, but these links take me to some Lycos page, which redirects me to another page with pictures that don\'t show up, and there is never any MP3 heard. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: my quartet demo

    Shazbot, it\'s not just you! I get exactly the same.


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    Re: my quartet demo

    Shaz and Ian,

    If you left click on the links you will get the redirection...try right clicking and selecting \"save as\". All 3 files were downloadable doing that [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: my quartet demo

    I *really* like these three quartet demos!! I\'ve listened to a lot of the GPO demos on the user demo page, but never found a quartet. This is the type of thing I was hoping that GPO could do, and your pieces prove that it can quite admirably. The first movement with its suspended-major-minor sound is brilliant and lovely. My favorite of the three.

    Really, I\'m hoping that when my GPO arrives I can learn to create such beautiful quartets. CRR: B-R-A-V-O!!!

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    Re: my quartet demo

    Very Good! You really should send these to Gary right away so he can put them up on his website.

    I think you\'ve made the case for GPO being well suited to \'small\' works unlike some of these big expensive libraries.

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    Re: my quartet demo

    thank you very much to everyone, I\'m very happy to see that you like the piece and I hope there are no more problems to download them (I\'m using lycos because it\'s a web free space).
    I have another suite ready and I\'ll try to upload it in these days: I\'m back to Italy for Chrismass and my father connection is not very fast. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    Thank you again [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: my quartet demo

    Hello to all,
    and first of all, I wish you a very good year 2004, full of music and joy.
    As for GPO, it may have arrived at the home of most of you for this XMas, but it has not at mine.
    Now, regarding CRR\'s 3 quartets that I all downloaded, well, I\'m a bit puzzled.
    The music itself is quite okay to me, I hope I\'ll be able to achieve such consistent things.
    But I\'m quite disapointed by the instruments, and surprised by the very positive feedback I read, to the point I must really wonder if my ears are bad or what : to me (??), the instruments sound very poor, totally unexpressive to me, very synthy, with nothing but very obvious and short loops (or ar these robotic/cyclic fluctuations in the sound supposed to be some kind of \"human\" vibrato ?).
    I am very surprised, first, as I said, because nobody else seems to be disturbed by the sound, and then because the overall sonic quality in all GPO\'s orchestral demos I listened to convinced me weeks ago to order GPO... while those quartets(and once again, don\'t get me wrong, this is absolutely not the music in itself which would be to blame) would almost make me doubt.
    So CRR (or other people already using GPO), may it be the fact that you did all this only with a mouse which is responsible for that sound ?
    Did (or did not) you emulate controllers in your edits, such as sustain pedal, modwheel, which are told to be so important in GPO, or are your parts totally \"raw\", I mean, just pitch, length and velocity ?
    That might explain the thing, and reassure me.
    Thanks for any comment !

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