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Topic: any info on GPOHost?

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    any info on GPOHost?

    A few people have referred to an upcoming program which will be released shortly as part of GPO called \"GPOHost\". I was wondering if any kind soul would be willing to offer any more info on it. I am assuming, for example, that it is a program designed to allow GPO and such programs as Finale, Sibelius and Overture to communicate more seamlessly with each other (ie. without using Plogue, etc.). Can someone further elaborate on what this program will do; when and how it will be available (I assume a free download?), and what programs it will work with? Thanks for any help!
    - robjohn

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    Re: any info on GPOHost?

    Gary hasn\'t done more than give a few hints so far.

    I\'m not \"in the know\", but I would imagine that Gary will post an announcement here within minutes of publishing the info on the website. I\'d also say it\'s safe to predict that we\'ll hear about it by the opening day of NAMM.

    Bidule works great for me, except for one thing: it lacks sync\'d recording to wave. If we get that one feature I\'ll be pleased. If we get more, well, cool.

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