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Topic: "time machine" on percussion rolls!

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    "time machine" on percussion rolls!

    i just became aware that with kontakt capabilities of modifing the tempo of the samples without changing the pitch, there could perhaps be obtained some nice programming features on the percussion rolls.
    for example, the \"cymbal roll crescendo\" (A#5) is nearly unusable because it would never fit on the tempo of the song you are working with.
    is it not possible to control the \"speed\" of the sample with some controller?
    the same could be applied to the drum and snare

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    Re: "time machine" on percussion rolls!

    really, Kontakt in this regard is not as good as say, Sampletank 2, and would probably not be useable for orchestral realism. At least in my experience working with it. I hope I\'m dead wrong about this!!!!

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    Re: "time machine" on percussion rolls!


    Try the notes just below the A#5. The G#5 and A5 are mod wheel controlled cymbal rolls. The G#5 has a soft release and the A5 has an accented release. You can tailor your rolls to any length and dynamic characteristics you choose with mod wheel data (cc#1).

    The A#5 is indeed a set length roll but it is also very easy to use in situations of differing tempos. Just align the peak of the crescendo to the location of the desired climax and “draw” a crescendo volume envelope of whatever length you require up to that point using cc#7 (be sure to have the cc#7/cc#10 option activated in GPO). This is an old trick, one I’ve been using for years with rolls of any fixed length.


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    Re: "time machine" on percussion rolls!

    That\'s a good suggestion! In fact it\'s what I too have done for years.

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