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Topic: bug in horn mutes?

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    bug in horn mutes?

    For some reason or other, I am missing notes in the Horn Ens Mutes. Ens 1 is fine. Ens 2 makes no sound whatsoever - although when I play a note, the cpu meter acts as if I have - there is just no sound, and Ens 3 plays a limited range of a major 3rd from Eb below middle C up to a G (although non-sounding notes still affect the cpu meter).

    This seems to be the case with both the dry and wet versions. I have checked everything, channel, mod wheel, volume, etc.

    All other instruments appear to be fine. Has anyone run into this?

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    Re: bug in horn mutes?


    This is the first we heard of this. There was a bug with this patch with the legato pedal mode which has been fixed in the new update that has been posted. It seems you tried the obvious: making sure the mod wheel is up and checking the volume knob on the player itself. Does this happen in standalone mode or as a plugin? We\'ll look into this and correct this ASAP.
    Happy New Year!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: bug in horn mutes?

    I\'ve verified the bug in both the standalone and VST versions.

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    Re: bug in horn mutes?

    Haydn beat me to it. I first noticed it in standalone, and later as a AU plug in. I don\'t know if this is happening on every platform. I\'m using a Mac. Haydn, are you also on a mac?

    I didn\'t check out the Horn mutes in the version that shipped. It wasn\'t until after I had installed the update that I started loading up all the patches just to check everything out, and that\'s when I noticed how extremely effective those horn mutes were! Brings a new meaning to \"silent brass.\"

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    Re: bug in horn mutes?

    I see it on Windows as well.

    Weird thing is, I can load this patch into Kontakt and it works fine. I can\'t see anything in the settings that might cause it to go silent.

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    Re: bug in horn mutes?

    Same here. Horn Ens Mute 2 will not output any sound.

    G5 Dual 2 / Panther / Logic 6.3.2

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