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Topic: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

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    Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

    I\'ve gotten the impression that you use this by playing notes on an electronic keyboard. However, I usually compose music by orchestrating MIDI files, placing electronic notes and such on a staff. Is this method of composition also possible with GPO? Help appreciated.

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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Ah, that\'s a relief. So, I could just take the MIDI files that I\'ve sequenced, make a few adjustments, load them into GPO. Thanks.

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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

    This is also the way I do it, I don\'t have a midi controller (keyboard). I use Finale to write my scores visually by placing notes on the staves, then I save the Finale file as a MIDI (.mid) file. This file is what is needed to \'control\' GPO.

    Then open the MIDI file in your choice sequencer (i.e: Cubase, Sonar, Logic - or, if you don\'t have one, Gary was nice enough to include a FREE one with GPO!) and run GPO as a VSTi in the sequencer.

    In the sequencer is where GPO will really shine, here\'s where you can draw in the mod wheel controls to give your MIDI performances some emotion and movement (which is usually input on the midi controller while playing in your piece).

    Then just use the sequencer\'s \'export->audio\' feature to render the file to audio...

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra


    There is one thing to keep in mind when using MIDI files: GPO departs from some of the standard MIDI conventions for many of its instruments to accomplish the goal of expressive real-time performance from a MIDI keyboard. These departures (mod wheel controls volume/dynamic timbre – not modulation, velocity controls attack strength – not volume) make it necessary to modify MIDI files before they will playback correctly with GPO. With the exception of percussive instruments which use standard velocity = volume (including piano and harp) MIDI files cannot just be loaded into your sequencer, assigned GPO instruments, and played. At least two things will need to be addressed first:

    1. If the MIDI file uses velocity, cc#7, or cc#11 to shape expressive volume changes in the track, that data will need to be converted to mod wheel cc#1. The trickiest to convert will be velocity. No matter which type of data needs to be converted it will probably also need to be adjusted to match the controller response in GPO.
    2. Velocity data intended to control volume will need to be neutralized to a value of around 90. Higher velocities will cause notes to receive unintended accents. Very low velocities will receive unintended gentle attacks. Of course, you can adjust note velocities from their neutral values if you wish to modify the attacks of particular notes.

    MIDI files can certainly be used with GPO but I don’t want to underplay the necessary work you will need to invest to get satisfactory results. Consult the GPO manual to see which instruments use which controllers.


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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra


    Thanks for that one. Really essential info!



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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Get a keyboard. GPO gives you great control of expression in real-time. It is much more fun and fulfilling to play instruments closer to the the way real humans do! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Yeah, I do have a keyboard actually. It\'s just that my skills aren\'t...great, and though I\'m sure greater expression is possible, my timing is a bit off (I often gradually speed up over time without noticing, and metronomes screw me up). Then again, composition could go a lot faster that way. I think I will try both methods when GPO arrives. Which brings me to another query: my computer is pretty underqualified for this program. Still, GPO may run on it. The web site states recommended system specs, but not the bare requirements. Now then, will GPO run on this machine?

    2.5GHZ processor
    256MB RAM
    Windows ME

    I\'m well aware of the memory thing, but then again, 1GB is only required for the ENTIRE orchestra playing at once, correct? Also, the web site recommended Windows XP...but will it run on ME as well? Getting a new computer soon, so if any requirement isn\'t met, or if I need more memory to fully take advantage of this or whatever, I will keep that in mind.

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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

    I discussed the use of midi files for GPO on another thread here, so I\'ll be brief...

    The main thing I do (when I DO use, them) is to strip out EVERYTHING in terms of cc. You\'ll find it much easier to work that way. Then build your controllers suited to GPO\'s programming. You then use vc as a rough guide, take velocity and turn it into cc#1 for your volume change, then go back and edit it. You\'ll find you probably have to alter the velocities then because they are controlling attacks in GPO now not individual note volume level.

    You know, if your going to put that much work into a midi file, why not just make your own midi files, so to speak. If you like modern orchestral music or say, Stravinsky, you should check out a algorithmic composition program called \"TANGENT\". It makes rough midi files in various modern styles and you have quite a bit of control. You then export it as a midi file, and go to work on it.

    At least then, you can say you \'composed\' the music yourself. It\'s also useful for generating ideas and small fragments which can be incorporated into a larger piece. (whoops! I wasn\'t \'brief\' was I....)

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    Re: Question about Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Perhaps I wasn\'t clear enough; I\'ve composed the MIDI files (completely original music...as far as I know [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] ) in a sequencer (Anvil Studio). As far as dynamics go, I use a bit of volume (is this the same as velocity...?) fade-ins and fade-outs, as well as the occasional tempo change, soft pedal, and legato. Erasing the dynamics, as you said, is probably a good idea; it wouldn\'t take a whole lot of work to reincorporate them using the GPO technology.

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