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Topic: Any chance for GPO DFD?

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    Any chance for GPO DFD?

    Is it possible for NI to update GPO for dfd to accomodate users who can\'t have more than 512 megs in their PC. A new PC is a ways off for me.
    I\'d like to be able to load the full piano...

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    Re: Any chance for GPO DFD?

    I suppose that N.I charges less for the Kontakt player than for the \"full\" Kompakt.
    It makes sense, given the low price of this bundle, to look for cheaper software.
    And it has been said that the full orchestra fits in \"only\" 1 Gb of ram, so dfd is not as mandatory as with the \"big\" libraries that you do not like anyway.
    So you should really consider some extra ram, or even at least a mobo update if yours cannot accomodate more than 512 Mb : nowadays, you cannot do much with 512 Mb, within a single machine which has to run the OS, the sequencer, etc.. except maybe if you keep using \"small\" vstis like Edirol Orch.

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    Re: Any chance for GPO DFD?

    >>I suppose that N.I charges less for the Kontakt player than for the \"full\" Kompakt.

    It seems like the NI terminology has been confusing. As far as I know, the Kontakt player offers access to all the features of Kontakt, while Kompakt player does not. This would make sense.. \"Kontakt\" is the name of NI\'s flagship sampler, and \"Kompakt\" is the \'compact\' playback only version of Kontakt. Kontakt player supplied particular features Tom wanted to program in GPO, so.. GPO used the Kontakt player.

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    Re: Any chance for GPO DFD?

    Hi Jeff,

    It\'s even more fun for Sibelius users. Sib 3 comes with a soundset, and you can upgrade to more instruments and simultaneous sounds for $99. The names? Kontakt Silver and Kontakt Gold. I bet they got a better deal by advertizing for NI, but somebody should have talked with EWQL.

    Good luck with the ice storm this afternoon! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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