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Topic: GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments

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    GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments

    Yesterday I received GPO,
    no problem at install.
    Well, I\'m not disapointed, but not crazy either....
    I found that some instruments (brasses and ensemble strings mainly) respond very strangely to my playing :
    -sometimes I get strange notes, as if in fact the note I am playing were a mixture of the real pitch, and this pitch one 8ve higher.
    -sometimes I do have just the note one 8ve higher.....
    -sometimes I cannot anlayze what I exactly get, but the sound is quite unnatural, and this last issue is mainly for the ens. strings.
    Those things occur randomly, although it seems to be tied to how fast and hard the notes are played.
    On the positive side,
    - the piano is very good for a mid-sized one : incredibly playable and warm.
    - the organs, percussions, and harp are worth it too, especially the harp that is very playable per se.
    Please, tell me that this strange things in brass and cellis are because I received the 1st version of the player....
    (I do not want to register now, because I\'m not sure that I will not change my mobo soon, so, since it\'s one of the components that apparently N.I takes into account for generating an authorization, I prefer to avoid to take the ungrateful path of registration twice.
    So I will have to wait to update.)

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    Re: GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments


    Make sure that GPO is sending its output directly to the ASIO driver, rather than going through the Microsoft Mixer or some other path. For my MIA I selected \"MIA WDM ASIO\". I also found that I had to lock the MIA\'s clock in its control panel to keep the various software from making the playback nutty.

    I don\'t know if this issue would be related, but it doesn\'t hurt to double check your audio routing anc card settings.

    Good luck!

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    Re: GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments

    Sounds like a note doubling issue - possibly causing a phase cancelation. Make sure that only one MIDI note is going to each pitch. I don\'t know enough about your setup to tell, but that\'s one place where the sound can become strang. Check you voice count - and if one note triggers a bump of the total by some even number larger than you expect - then it may be that routing of MIDI is sending two note-ons for each note depressed.

    NI registration is a snap - can unregister and reregister without dif***ulty. I changed motherboards over the holiday, and it went smooth as silk to reset the reg keys. Good luck.

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    Re: GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments

    Uh, Houston, you mis-spelled difficulty. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments

    I do not think it is something in my setup (which is very basic by the way : keyboard, midi interface, 2 pcs, and works pretty well with Cubase, Halion, B4, FM7...
    And I confirm that since I started using only the vst version, all these strange things seem to be gone (now for more than one hour).
    I am tempted to think that it is a bug in the v1 of the stand alone player.
    So, if I understand what some of you have said, obtaining new N.I\'s authorizations for the software, in case of system re-installs or replacement of main components is not that hard ?

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    Re: GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments

    I must bring one more precision :
    I just launched GOP as a vsti in V-Stack, and -untill further notice, it\'s only 5 minutes fresh- it seems that these peculiarities do not occur in the vsti version (I was using the stand alone version untill now)

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    Re: GPO : very weird things happening with some intruments

    allo Monsieur,
    I understand your trying to avoid the dreaded NI registration issue. (I myself have had some god awful, stomach churning experiences of late!) but apparently the NEW registration system is quite a bit smoother as far as de-authorizing one computer to switch your reg over to a new one. You should register, as the update has fixed a lot of the problems of the initial release.


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